Heyman Touting Piniella To Philly

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In addition to predicting that Roger Clemens ultimately returns to Houston, Newsday’s Jon Heyman rubs his crystal balls and tries to identify the next manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The speculation hasn’t yet started, but Lou Piniella could be the best choice to turn around the Phillies.

Jim Fregosi, Davey Johnson and Jimy Williams also might be in the mix once GM Pat Gillick does the inevitable and fires Charlie Manuel, a nice man who’s not cut out for Philadelphia. As the popular manager of the ’93 team, Fregosi might elicit even more reaction than Piniella in Philly.

Piniella (above) has told friends he’s waiting for the right situation, generally taken to mean the Yankees. But his old boss Gillick might have a chance to convince him the Phillies are better than they’ve played for Manuel, who finally got around to correcting his bizarre original lineup by moving Chase Utley up to second, where he belongs, and Ryan Howard up to fifth.

Piniella paired beautifully with Gillick in Seattle for 116 victories in 2001 before growing tired of what he saw as the tightfisted ways of ownership and going to Tampa Bay, which turned out to beeven tighter. Piniella originally told folks he wanted to take a year to decompress; when we called Friday, his wife said he was out water skiing.

2 responses to “Heyman Touting Piniella To Philly”

  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    The annual Phillies April torpor has ben particularly brutal this year. 10-14 and uglier than that record would suggest. I really dont know if Lou Piniella might be the answer for the Phillies, but at this point I would just like to see a manager with some kind of grasp on the nuts and bolts of setting a lineup and gametime management. Charlie Manuel is a hitting instructor who is in over his head in the same way Larry Bowa is a third base coach/infield instructor who was in over his (albiet with opposite temperaments). I think the Phillies will step it up, but if that doesnt happen, I would be good with current first base coach Marc Bombard or Scranton Wilkes-Barre skip John Russell as an interim manager who can be given an opportunity to earn fulltime status.

  2. dat dude says:

    hey, at least we didnt get swept by the pirates!

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