History’s Most Puzzling eBay Auctions (Pt. 1)

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Maybe this will become a regular feature at CSTB — certainly, there’s no shortage of content, much as the original owner of the above item wasn’t lacking for a sense of humor at one time. Not to be cruel, but it is very hard to fathom at what stage in “Super” Joe McEwing‘s baseball career there would’ve been one single person — and I am including his family members and Art Howe — willing to pay U.S. dollars for a jersey sporting the (f)utility man’s name and number

2 responses to “History’s Most Puzzling eBay Auctions (Pt. 1)”

  1. Bez says:

    Yeah, this isn’t exactly a Kenny Powers broken bat but if you have your RSS set to McEwing + Jersey + Cardinals + 47 what do you expect?

  2. Luke N. Atmaguchi says:

    There’s some d-bag running around town in a BRUCE CHEN Orioles jersey. Word on the street: he’s not selling . . .

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