Hooded Casanova Jr. In Weed Bust

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From the Boston Herald’s Stacey Hart.

Stephen Belichick, 19, of Weston, was arrested after an officer reported he had two subjects in custody on Winter Street at 9:25 p.m. Jonathan Pizarro, 18, of Roxbury, was also arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

Belichick graduated from the private Rivers School in Weston in June and planned to attend Northfield Mount Hermon School this fall. He is committed to attend Rutgers University in New Jersey in the fall of 2007 on a partial athletic scholarship to play lacrosse for the Scarlet Knights™ nationally ranked program.

He was captain of both the football and lacrosse teams at Rivers School as a senior.

Belichick received an award last year for outstanding service to the football program at Rivers. The award is presented to a player for his strength and determination, personal sacrifices and selfless generosity.

Though I think marijuana possession is a victimless crime, one might also presume poor role models might have something to do with Hoody Jr.’s transgressions. When the patriarch is a Bon Jovi-digging adulterer, what kind of behavior do we expect from the children?

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  1. Mike says:

    Jealousy is a female emotion big fella. Bill Bellicheck is a genius.

  2. GC says:

    a) what, you’re scared of females?
    b) the genius spells his name B-E-L-I-C-H-I-C-K.

  3. MikeSucks says:

    Hey, Mike, maybe you should learn how to spell before entering the online world of blog commenting. Oh, burn, Mike, burn. Taste it, you moron, taste it! Oh, it hurts! It freaking hurts, doesn’t it, Mike. BOOM ROASTED!!!

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