H.S. Football Hazing Update : Fairhaven’s Cup Runneth Over

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While watching a snippet of MTV’s “Two A Days” this weekend, I couldn’t help but reflect, old codger-style, that once upon a time, the Viacom property was the sole televised refuge for the sort of kids that were most likely to get beat up by football players. But if MTV can showcase exploits similar to those described by David Brown in Thursday’s South Coast Today, I might have to start watching again.

(totally SFW video)
A Fairhaven (MA) High School football player was allegedly duct-taped to a bed, physically assaulted and subjected to acts of a “gross and lewd” nature by several teammates during a summer football camp, sources familiar with a hazing investigation said yesterday.

The investigation includes allegations that players tossed semen from a cup onto the victim during the alleged assault in the dormitory-style barracks at Camp Edwards in Bourne, sources close to the investigation said. The same sources said the victim was younger than his alleged assailants.

At a press conference yesterday, school officials said they are finished with the information-gathering phase of their investigation but had not determined whether any students had violated Fairhaven’s Athletic Code of Ethics.

I don’t know what’s more shocking, that this case didn’t originate on Long Island, or that pouring a cup of jizz over someone violates a code of ethics.

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  1. blah blah says:

    he wasnt taped to a bed it a a cup wit barly any seman in it n it didnt go on him.him parents are trying to get money out of it. and it screwd the football program up. thank you

  2. GC says:

    sounds like you were there. Perhaps you should come forward to South Coast Today and explain there really wasn’t very much semen in the cup (must be that Flowmax again…and I thought it was aimed at the elderly?).

    Then again, if your correspondence is anything to go by, perhaps a little less time playing football / pouring cum on scared kids and a little more attention in English class wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

    I mean, if I had to do it all over again, that’s the advice I’d have followed.

  3. WOW sicko says:

    geez whoever is on the top comment….were u there or something….im guessing ur a chick and u disgust me. o and learn to talk properly i had quite the time reading that….and i feel so bad for the boy who had that happen to him i mean im a girl so it wouldnt happen like that atleast i hope not so ya……im very sorry………

  4. gerald says:

    the kids involved were a bunch of nasty pathetic punks who aint shit but bullies, myles parker and who ever else are fucking queers

  5. This is bull. There is no reason for this type of behavior to exist. Whatever happen to just having them run through campus in there underwear or just duct taping them to a tree for a couple of hours. Whether there was semen in the cup or not. That is just plain sick. Hope they get prosecuted because this type of shit happens all the time on campuses but no one ever says anything because of becoming the outcast.

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