Human Whoopie Cushion Goes On Vacation, Attention To Detail Slips Even Further

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It’s sad enough when the understudies list Chelsea/Barcelona on ESPN2 as part of “To Watch Tonight” after the match has ended, but what to make of today’s revelation that Spurs G Tony Parker fancies himself to be a rapper?

Fuck, how did the rest of the world miss that one?

Just to save you some time, here are some upcoming Deadspin scoops that will be appearing in the days ahead ;

* – Ron Artest might be crazy.
* – Shaquille O’Neal has also recorded a “rap” album.
* – Steve Nash is Canadian.
* – Kyle Korver is white.

You’re very welcome.

3 responses to “Human Whoopie Cushion Goes On Vacation, Attention To Detail Slips Even Further”

  1. Joel says:

    Considering the amount of tips/junk/etc they get in, its probably difficult to be the first one to report items, and write a post about said item. Espicially when there is another blogger out there just C&Ping every bit of sports info available on the web.

  2. GC says:

    Indeed, Joel, it must be a monumental task —especially for someone who claims that blogging about sports is their full-time vocation —- to be able to keep up with news events that are in some cases, days, weeks, fuck, even months old.

    As far as your repeated C&P claims are concerned, every excerpt used on CSTB is attributed to its source, and if someone else helped me find it, that’s always mentioned as well. There’s a certain overwhelmed-with-tips blog that cannot say the same.

    But seriously, given the completely lack of any original content on CSTB, the absence of any point of view beyond kicking the crap out of your beloved Screechy Leitchy, perhaps the time has long since passed that begin visiting another website…one far more worthy of your patronage?

  3. John says:

    Has anyone ever seen PJ and Idunno in the same room?

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