I Take It Back. Chuck’s The Greatest Role Model Of All Time

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Two Thursdays ago, I was pulled over halfway between Houston and Austin, returning home from the Lil’ Wayne show at the Toyota Center.  The patrolman asked if there was a particular reason I was in such a hurry, and while he was checking my license and registration, I asked my fellow passengers what the correct answer should’ve been.

“Yes Officer, I’m in love.” was one of the better suggestions from the peanut gallery.

While I still think that was a great answer, I am thrilled to learn that Charles Barkley — even while (allegedly) drunk — is even more of a smart ass.

2 responses to “I Take It Back. Chuck’s The Greatest Role Model Of All Time”

  1. Jason Cohen says:

    Is it sarcasm if it’s true?

  2. Jon says:

    I can’t help but think this answer will make Ernie Johnson squirm a bit during their inevitable one-on-one confessional clearing of the air segment.

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