If Stu Jackson Worked For The NHL…

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….Alexander Ovechkin would probably be watching Game 5 of the Caps/Penguins series on television.

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  1. Gary says:

    Guys, Game 6 is tonight. GET THE FUCK OVER THIS!!!
    Besides, it was UNintentional what happened to Sergei Gonshar. But you’re treating this like Ovie is fucking Joe Stalin ordering pogroms across Russia.
    MEANWHILE, the refs clearly ignore the tripping (non-)call before the OT goal Saturday night. Who bought these bastards off, Don Cherry?? We KNOW the Canadian media/NHL hype machine has a hard-on for Crosby…but do you have to be SO fucking brazen to prove it??
    Caps move on to the conference final. There, I’ve said it. NOW, FUCK OFF!!!

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