If You Happen To Find Yourself In The Alleged Live Music Capital Of The World During Mid-March…

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…please feel free to stop at the above event. I’ll be the guy looking at his watch every 20 seconds.

13 responses to “If You Happen To Find Yourself In The Alleged Live Music Capital Of The World During Mid-March…”

  1. andrew says:

    Maybe Ben can open the show with a two hour lecture about the Cubs’ offseason moves.

  2. Andi Hanley says:

    Please add me to your rsvp list if you have one.

  3. kevin wilson says:

    please put me on the lists

  4. GC says:

    there’s no list, folks. It’s Beerland! But you don’t wanna miss the bands that are playing early.

  5. And by “watch,” he means iPhone.

  6. Even more promising: I should be the sound guy on this one.

  7. Ben Schwartz says:

    Hey, whoa — just cause Andrew says I should do an abridged intro on the Cubs off-season (2hrs?) there’sa rush for the guest list. I’d love to, but I can’t. Hope you guys can still fill beerland without me.

  8. jordy says:


  9. Please add me to your rsvp list . I would love to come to your party.

    Georg Kári Hilmarsson

  10. GC says:


    you’re welcome to attend. But there’s no RSVP list. just come on in.

  11. Bergur Ebbi says:

    Yeah Georg. Just march in and flirt with the ladies…that’s what I’m gonna do. The best, Bergur Ebbi

  12. Please add me to the rsvp

  13. GC says:

    there is NO NEED to RSVP. This is Beerland, people, not Studio Fucking 54. There’s no guest list, you don’t need a wristband or a badge. Just show up. If the room becomes full beyond legal capacity (and based on the number of competing shows in the same ‘hood that afternoon, I doubt it will), you’re shit out of luck. Just like in the real world.

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