There’s not much sense in a nearly dormant, sponsor-free sports blog cramming 8 world class bands into what would be a tight fit for 5, but just be thankful we’re not setting up a third stage on the roof. This is CSTBs 6th annual, not-affiliated-with-SXSW day show at Beerland, and if it isn’t the best bill to date, at least it’s the most crowded. Past participants have included Endless Boogie, The Muffs, Puffy Areolas, the Homosexuals, Apache Dropout, Buck Biloxi & The Fucks, Wiccans, Golden Pelicans, Wounded Lion, Dikes Of Holland, TV Ghost, Pop. 1280, The Blind Shake, Spray Paint, Eat Skull  etc., few of whom can claim the event ruined or ended their careers. ’14’s all-star lineup includes the following :

Rusted Shut (Houston)
Tyvek (Detroit)
Protomartyr (Detroit)
Obnox (Cleveland)
Unholy Two (Columbus)
The Secret Prostitutes (Houston)
The Gotobeds (Pittsburgh)
Empty Markets (Austin)

Running order & set times TBA though Empty Markets will be on the patio sometime in mid-afternoon. Beerland will also have someone playing the patio between the Thursday afternoon and evening shows.