If You Started Matt Cassel Today….

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…you’re more fortunate than whoever in your league started Chad Pennington. As New England continues to run up the score today against Washington (hey, you never know when a Joe Gibbs team might score 50 points in 5 minutes), I have to ask, is the Hooded Casanova the most insecure man in America? Is it not enough to have 3 rings, a 7-0 record to start the new season and his pick of New Jersey housewives (for the mere price of a Bon Jovi laminate)? To play Unpopular Psychologist for a moment, it would seem as though Bill Belichick has used Videogate — the biggest blow to his rep since Parcells made him wash the Escalade — as unneccessary/additional incentive. If the rest of the league and much of the media choose to label Belichick a classless boor, the Pats’ head coach seems hellbent on proving he’s an even bigger asshole than anyone suspected.

Of course, the quickest way to put a stop to such behavior might be for the opposition to keep New England’s offense off the field for a while. But full credit where due to the Redskins secondary — they held Randy Moss to a mere 3 catches (47 yards, 1 TD).

Tom Brady might be on pace to throw 60 TD’s, but I’d like to wait a few more weeks until there’s enough evidence to indicate he’s better than Drew Henson.

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  1. kt says:

    i dunno, this isn’t high school football, i think the onus is more on the skins than the patriot’s coach to make sure the pats don’t run up the score.

  2. WeWanttheFunk says:

    Pats are now 8-0 ATS, despite crazy lines (-16, -23, etc.)
    I speculate that much of the organization is betting on these games.

  3. Eric B says:

    The loft to Moss over whatever coverage they can throw at him is like the real-world equivalent of a cheat code in Madden 2k7. Laying off of that play is the equivalent of suppressing the score, if anything.

  4. matt says:

    i agree with kt. it’s kind of like the knicks whining about the nuggets dunking on them while they were up 30. that being said, i wouldn’t mind someone knocking the smug out of brady and the hoodie by going after the former’s knee. maybe then belichick will remember why you pull guys during nfl games. it’s gonna happen sooner than later.

  5. GC says:

    Eric, I’m suggesting the Pats SHOULD suppress the score out of respect for everything Joe Gibbs has done for the sport….of stock car racing.

    Matt, the funny thing is, maybe opposition defenses are already going after Brady’s knees. We’ll never know. He could make a sandwich and knock up a third model with all the time he has back there.

  6. matt says:

    haha. did anyone notice that both brady and dusty baker have the same stylist? cool hats brahs!

  7. David Roth says:

    I wrote something similar to this in my preview of the game for the Athlon website. I honestly cannot believe these margins of victories. All the wins, sure: the team hasn’t had a non-dominant moment all season. But winning games by 40-plus points…something bad has to come of that, I think. I’d hate to see Brady get hurt — he’s pretty great, and NFL injuries are uniformly bummers — but I wouldn’t be super-surprised to see it. I’m kind of surprised not to have seen it yet.

  8. kt says:

    i said this elsewhere but i think that given belichick’s recent hell-bent-for-revenge streak that if someone took out brady’s knees on purpose every starter on the other team would be out for keeps with blown acl’s in one series of downs.

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