If You Think The Oracle Jumbotron Is Funny, You Should See Josh Boone Shooting Free Throws

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The Warriors’ in-game entertainment department and TNT conspired to distract our attention from Golden State’s ritual humiliation of the Nets’ Josh Boone…and unwittingly provided Hillary Clinton’s campaign with her most powerful propaganda tool to date.

Obama’s a tremendous public speaker. He’s got the sort of charisma and poise we’ve not seen from a major candidate in generations. But if even a tiny percentage of the electorate are led to believe he and Reggie Miller are the same person, the Senator from Illinois is well and truly fucked.

Or course, there’s some consolation in how Obama and Miller don’t really look that much alike. Seriously, what the fuck is TNT thinking? Rudy Tomjanovich and Bryan Ferry, maybe. But not the two men shown above.

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  1. David Roth says:

    I was going to write something about this game, but I figured a post that read, in its entirety, “Vince, what the FUCK” would not make good reading, and my bias in favor of the Nets — who are looking almost as bad on defense at the moment as the appalling Larry Brown Knicks teams — kind of precludes me going much deeper than that.

    Also, I didn’t see that particular stellar call on the Oracle Center’s part. I don’t know if I missed the following equally accurate celeb comparisons:

    -Al Harrington and Bill Cosby

    -Marcus Williams and Samuel L. Jackson

    -Darrell Armstrong and Tavis Smiley

    -Baron Davis and Marla Gibbs

    -Monta Ellis and Felicia “Snoop” Pearson

    Again, maybe the last one, a little, but, yeah…

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