If You Thought Jay Mohr Sucked On TV…

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…you’ve yet to experience his not-so-unique “take” on the sporting scene, as chronicled over at Sports Illustrated.com.

The only thing surprising about Mohr’s latest entry is that he couldn’t manage to take a shot or 20 at Laura Quinn — and for all the deep thinkers in blogland who saw fit to label Ms. Quinn homely or worse yesterday, please, by all means, let’s see how you or your significant others measure up. On second thought, thanks for sparing us.

4 responses to “If You Thought Jay Mohr Sucked On TV…”

  1. kt says:

    homely? image searches are blocked at work and granted i was imbibing during the nd game but i don’t recall her as being homely.

    and for the record she’s probably hotter than me but nowhere near as hot as the semi-significant other.

  2. cstb says:

    she’s catching a lot of grief — mostly from dudes — for a variety of reasons, only some of them having to do with the goofy ND/Ohio State jersey and being on camera 30,000 times during the game.

    My own opinion of her relative hot or notness is unimportant. If a bunch of 7th grade males got together to rag on a girl’s looks, it would be lame, but not so unusual. When a bunch of allegedly adult guys choose to do the same thing…could the target get any easier?

  3. kt says:

    oh my god that column was pungently bad.

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