If You’re In The Neighborhood

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The Golden Boys

Jimmy Flemion (Frogs, Sebastian Bach)

Daniel Francis Doyle

Follow That Bird!
Directions to Trailer Space

(tube pic by @ndy K, used without permission)

4 responses to “If You’re In The Neighborhood”

  1. Hot Shit College Student says:


    Are there other places you wannabe?

  2. GC says:

    by pre-recorded, I mean cd’s, records and such.

    That said, I appreciate the other suggestions. Perhaps another night.

  3. kt says:

    golden boys are top notch, even if wesley coleman isn’t with them anymore.

  4. Craig says:

    Wes is still bangin’ with the ‘Boys. James Arthur (Fireworks!, Hook or Crook Records) is no longer their drummer, though…

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