I’ll Take A Case Of Frontline, Please : Flea’s Love Letter To Kobe

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The brutal word-art that is Flea’s blog for NBA.com has been mentioned in this space previously (pt. 1, pt. 2) but it required the eagle eye of Sports Frog’s edwzipper to call requisite attention to the bassist’s latest entry.

dear kobe,

i have been a huge supporter of you since the moment you first put
on a laker uniform
i have stood by you and defended you against your detractors
throughout every moment of your professional basketball career
i have always respected your work ethic
your unrelenting desire to give your all night in and night out
and your creative and exciting basketball game……dope!!!
i have sincerely hoped the best for you at every turn

he lakers have been a constant, something that keeps going on……….
life is great?…..watch the lakers game
getting a divorce?……watch the lakers game
just went to a funeral?………….watch the laker game
depressed and in bed?
just made a million dollars?……….rode a ten foot wave in costa
rica?……………you get it……

if you leave kobe
if you do you will break our hearts
the ones who have stood by you through thick and thin
the ones who love you
and truly care about you
we all know that things have not gone as well since jerry west left
for whatever the reason is……..too many cooks in the
kitchen……it is impossible to measure up to the greatness of jerry
mitch has had a lot of tough breaks too and not a lot too work with
thank god we are rid of that absurd brian grant salary finally
but us fans can only really guess at what is really going on
seems a little confused over there right now though…..

but the bottom line is…………

The next time someone tells you SoCal sportswriting hasn’t been the same since Jim Murray died, be sure to show them Flea’s blog. I mean, they might kill themselves after reading it, but think of the fun watching their reaction.

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  1. Eric B says:

    Come on now, that tip about watching the Lakers after making a mill is priceless – God knows I’m always at a loss when that happens.

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