Imus’ Shitkicking Neverland Under Investigation

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From the New York Post’s John Mainelli and Leonard Greene.

Radio’s irascible Don Imus went on the warpath yesterday over questions being raised about the charity he runs for sick children at his New Mexico ranch.

Investigators from the New York Attorney General’s Office have been reviewing allegations that the cranky talk-show host has been using the 4,000-acre ranch for personal getaways.

Although he took issue with the inquiry, Imus aimed his angriest venom at The Wall Street Journal for a story he described as “a hatchet job” and its author, whom he called “a dishonest punk.”

“They should be ashamed of themselves,” Imus told his morning listeners.

Expenses at the ranch totaled nearly $2.6 million, according to tax papers, but the ranch hosted only about 100 children, the Journal said.

Imus and his family, meanwhile, stay at the ranch for weeks at a time ” he was broadcasting from there yesterday ” without reimbursing the charity for the visits.

Imus maintained that he runs the ranch while he is there and saves money by not paying a director. As for using the ranch as a vacation spot, Imus says he has a $24 million waterfront estate in Westport, Conn., that suits his vacation needs just fine.

Imus, who wears 10-gallon hats while on the air, ranted about the scrutiny for more than half his show, denying that he takes advantage of the ranch for personal use.

He said that during the holiday season when he was there last year, he never even got on a horse.

“I’d close [the ranch] down before I’d pay to stay here,” Imus said. “That’s insane.”

Imus’ charity drew the attention of New York investigators when the organization failed to file its income-tax exemption forms on time, said Darren Dopp, a spokesman for Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

Sources said such delays, while routine, are often red flags, as was the anonymous letter Spitzer’s office received about Imus’ ranch visits and the charity’s high dollar-to-child ratio.

We have it on good authority (well, Tom Greenwood) that Imus has an Imelda-like fetish for high end track shoes. Perhaps Eliot Spizer can see if the I-Man has been moving charity dough to the account of Paragon Sports?

10 responses to “Imus’ Shitkicking Neverland Under Investigation”

  1. ken morgan says:

    You people are so misinformed and carriers of such false information that you should be ashamed to even have a voice on the internet. Were you to do any homework you would be on your kneew to apologize to Don & Diedre Imus. You are dispecable.

  2. CSTB says:


    what do you mean “you people”? If you’re upset at the writers from the NY Post, take it up with them — not only do they have a voice on the internet,but they’re in print, on the radio and all over the TV. By all means, let News Corp. know that you find them “dispecable”.

    All I’m doing is highlighting a story that appeared in the paper. I’ve not vouched for its veracity or said anything bad about Imus (other than the fact he hoards sneakers like an obsessive-compulsive nut). And really, where is the false information? Are you denying that the State of New York has been investigating the I-man? Or is it the Wall Street Journal you have a problem with? Either way, would you mind taking it up with one of them and sparing the rest of us your slavish Imus-apologist bullshit?

  3. Rik Binding says:

    how does one get that moron off tv…..He has to be an embarASSment to NBC.
    tHE RANCH IS NOTHING more then a future retirement home for he and wife anf kid…….DUHH THA WAS A HARD ONE TO FIGURE..

  4. Rik Binding says:

    Imus is a PHONY and a FRAUD who copies everything HOWARD STERN does. Howard had the idea to put his radio show on E!, the Imus copies him with this lame, gay show. IMUS SUCKS and HOWARD STERN IS GOD!
    Where to begin? I agree with the last poster. Imus re-cycles old jokes and gets off SCOTT-free with all his useless, yipping, ass-kissing, brown-nosing toadies. This show is so humor-less and lame it’s EXCRUCIATING. I mean, Walter Cronkite spoofs? That old news-reading, pontificating, has-been, ASSWIPE OLD GEEZER was relevant about 20 years ago….to my NOW DEAD and DECAYING GRANDPA. Imus is the biggest phony alive. He marries some young, brainless HOLE that he can stick his shriveled-up, wizened TOOL into, and proceeds to BORE his audience with stories about this gold-digging HAG. This self-absorbed prick would interview Jesus Christ himself and the most probing question would be, “So, what do YOU think of me?” I’d like to meet this cowboy-hat wearing, washed-up old DILDO in a dark alley someday and kick his wrinkled-up old ass until he screamed for mercy with the one UN-COLLAPSED lung he has left. What a useless f**k.
    Good god this loser still has a show. Just looking at his face reminds me of wiping my dogs vomit up. Never has been funny, never will.
    Imus is just disturbing to look at and his jokes are lame.

  5. J Fry says:

    Did I hear Imus correctly this morning call Theresa Brewer, a MSNBC news person, a slut?
    Wonder what the management at MSNBC/NBC, especially Tim Russert (Tim Russert is the Managing Editor and Moderator of Meet the Press and political analyst for NBC Nightly News and the Today Program. He anchors The Tim Russert Show, a weekly interview program on CNBC and is a contributing anchor for MSNBC. Russert also serves as senior vice president and Washington bureau chief of NBC News), thinks about that?
    Wonder if they will come to the aid of the fellow news person? Will there be any fallout for Imus?

  6. irene says:

    Is Sid off Imus for good? His comment “bald and with one tit” was beyond the pale.

  7. CSTB says:

    today’s Phil Mushnick screed sez that Rosenberg was bounced from Imus for making a tasteless remark about Kylie Minogue.

    Which reminds me, I once shared an elevator with a very pissed off looking Jason Donovan. So eat my dust, Imus listeners!

  8. C Girard says:

    I watch Imus every morning.I also was given the Diedre Imus Vegen cookbook for Christmas.It is wonderful.She just offers a healther lifestyle.
    I see nothing similar with Imus and that crazed fool that just took his sex show over to satellite radio!Imus runs on alot of political interviews.Too bad some fools just don’t get it!

  9. Bruce says:

    If you think the I-Man Sucks. Better look in the mirror because you do.

    Imus never abused his non-profit organization. He is well liked by over 10 Million people. Are you?

    You have your views and I have mine. And yours are off the wall. Mine are investigated and confirmed.

    Live Long and Prosper.

    Bruce from Florida

  10. GC says:

    Dear Bruce,

    Despite your inability to write a complete sentence, it is good to know you are better informed about this subject than the Wall Street Journal or the current Gov. of New York.

    So what if the I-Fuck is liked by over ten million people? At one time or another, both Hitler and Roger Waters had bigger followings.