In Retrospect, Maybe Turkoglu Should’ve Tackled LeBron…

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….the results couldn’t have been any worse for Orlando.  And while there’s a lack of consensus on the TNT set, perhaps if Stan Van Gundy had it all to do over again, he’d put more than one body on James in this instance.  With one second remaining and Williams inbounding, who’s gonna get the ball?  Probably not Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  And if a wide open Lithuanin hits an improbable game-winner or ties it up at the of regulation, I suspect you live with that finish.   As it stands, the Magic had a chance to deny the shot if not the ball to the most dangerous player left in these playoffs.  Other than that, they didn’t play a poor 47 minutes and 59 seconds of basketball.

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  1. Breedwell says:

    I think Turkey should have pulled off a Battier. Would have had much better success. Even if he fouled James in the act, James probably wouldn’t have made that shot (I really do doubt it) and then he may not have made all 3 FT’s.

    But I don’t see why Howard wasn’t on James. Turkey is tall enough to get in Ilgauskas’ face and contest his shot (especially since Z can’t jump that hight).

    On the other hand, Howard has tremendous ability, even though he’s a center. He also has mad ups and can jump just as high as anybody, plus he’s got a massive wingspan.

    Ah well. We’ll take ’em out at Orlando.

  2. Lebron says:

    This is outrageous. People are only saying that Hedo should have fouled Lebron because Lebron made the shot. Imagine Turkoglu fouled Lebron and Lebron sunk all three free throws, Turkoglu could and probably be killed by Magic fans. Also, there is a reason why Lebron’s shot is called miraculous, because it was an amazing and rare shot. Lebron has more chance at the free throw line making 3 straight. Ask Lebron, Kobe, Jordan, or any other greats in the history of the game. They probably can’t repeat the great shots if they were asked to do it again. However ask them to make 3 free throws in a row and I guarantee you that they will make the 3 straight 9 of 10 tries.

  3. Lebron says:

    O of course, I’m not Lebron James lol

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