In Springtime, A Boy’s Thoughts Turn To Kissing Jose Lima

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Jeremi Gonzalez shows the entire world that he doesn’t care about the rumors.

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  1. Joel says:

    Once again, glad to see homosexual innuendo is so above this website.

  2. GC says:

    [email protected] (or is it [email protected]? let us know when you can remember your own email address), I’m disappointed. There were several allusions to Deadspin between Sunday and this morning, and this is the best you can do?

    And what exactly is “homosexual innuendo”? I’ve done nothing to suggest that either of the gentlemen above are homosexual — they posed willingly for the photograph, which I’ve not doctored. Most adults who aren’t totally hysterical and/or capable of scoring 7 on the Wonderlic test are aware that a man showing physical affection for another man is hardly a sign of homosexuality.

    It could mean they’re bi, however.

    But I digress. Jeremi is cool enough to embrace Jose, despite well publicized reports (that I’ve certainly not invented) that the latter has a serious STD. Do you have that sort of courage? Are you ready to hop on a plane to Port St. Lucie and lock lips with Lima Time?

    Until you are, please, spare me your kneejerk blathering about “homosexual innuendo”. I don’t care what anyone says. Jeremi Gonzalez is a-ok in my book. Fuckin’ cowards like you make me sick.

  3. Joel says:

    FYI, both emails work…I perfer pokerjoe24, but its up to you.

    I’d hardly call the above picture a “willing pose.” More like one player wispering to another, while a cameraman takes a useless pic so that someone like you could link to a dated story about one player’s genital warts.

    It just strikes me as odd that you would often post something that if deadspin posted the exact same thing you’d find a way to make a dispariging comment about them. I understand you have seen them as a threat from day one, that much was obvious by your response to Will’s initial outreach, but why cant you accept their place out there? Light look at sports info you would or wouldn’t find on espn. Just like yours is a vigourous scan of major sports stories across the world. You both have a place, get over it.

  4. GC says:

    actually, it was that bastion of rampant homophobia, Newsday, that described the pose as two guys clowning around. So by all means, bust out the protest signs and haul ass to Long Island and let them know how strongly you feel.

    Unless of course, you genuinely don’t give a hoot about such important matters and this is all about your continued defense of Deadspin.

    “It just strikes me as odd that you would often post something that if deadspin posted the exact same thing you’d find a way to make a dispariging comment about them.”

    That’s an interesting observation. Given that it usually works the other way around —- ie. I (or another blogger) will post something, then Deadspin runs a similar, albiet poorly composed item days or weeks later — that would certainly be an interesting occasion.

    But no, in answer to a question you’ve not asked, if Deadspin ran the exact same photograph with the same caption and copy, I’d not have objected in the slightest.

    As far as “Will’s intial outreach” is concerned, what can I say that I didn’t already say before? I didn’t get into this game to make friends.

    And again, I find it very telling that the same jackasses who take issue with my taking Leitch to task, apparently think there’s something charming about a daily diet of attacks on Stephen A. Smith, Woody Paige, Skip Bayless, virtually every ESPN property, etc. Dudes on TV are fair game. Guys who use a laptop, apparently, are not.

    I accept DS’ place out there much the way I do that of the New York Post, NY Times, The Daily Whirl or Smegma Journal. Which is to say they all have a right to exist, and none of ’em oughta be considered above criticism.

    In any event, I thank you for acknowledging that CSTB is “a vigourous (sic) scan of major sports stores across the world”, though to tell you the truth, I really prefered it when Jessica Hopper said it was a bullet-point edition of the Sporting News. Or even better, just cutting and pasting with little to no original content.

    I’m pretty sure I know what my place is, Joel. I’ll define it for myself, if you don’t mind.

  5. Timothy Cook says:


    I don’t want to pick sides between pokerjoe(l)24 and yourself, and while I usually enjoy your many insights you generously share on this part of the (ugh) “blogosphere,” I’m sorry you failed to mention that Deadspin is a great place to go if one a) thinks Chuck Klosterman or Bill Simmons is funny even part of the time, b) thinks real-time commentary on whatever espn pukes out written by the last guy picked on pledge week is a valuable use of time. Or both.

    The other fact that Will Leach is a simpering, needle-dicked loser was another unfortunate omission on your part and I wish you would come clean on this issue in particular.


  6. LENY says:


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