In The Future, I’ll Read WFAN Press Releases (And Plan My Afternoons Accordingly)

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This afternoon’s version of Philadelphia Phillies batting practice (as thrown by Jeremi Gonzalez) is being called on WFAN by the esteemed San Francisco Giants apologist Chris Russo and his colorless man, Mike Francesca..

Whether this represents a lifelong dream cum true for the dopey duo (kind of like Jim Ross getting to call an XFL game) or is a bizarre attempt to curry favor with the Dunces Of Drive-Time, I can only wonder. But either way, this was a terrible idea.

Tom McCarthy and Howie Rose have formed a solid partnership in the wake of Gary Cohen’s departure to the TV booth. To suggest that Russo and Francesca can turn up and match that level of expertise is insulting to broadcasters and fans alike.

(UPDATE, ie. after listening to most of the game instead of just throwing up :

in all fairness, The FranDog tandem weren’t nearly as horrible as they might’ve been — unlike your average John Sterling broadcast of a Yankee game, for instance, there was something approaching a description of the events taking place on the field. The scathing criticism of Kaz Matsui seems a little over the top (it’s hardly news that Matsui is unlikely to ever justify his contract, but the Mets could do much worse hitting 8th in the order) but at least that’s the sort of thing you’re unlikely to hear from Rose and McCarthy, at least not to that extent.

And of course, if you missed last night’s game at Fenway, Mike and Chris did an excellent job of recapping the highlights when they might otherwise have been boring you with details of what the Phillies were doing against Gonzalez in the top of the 3rd. Since I don’t work in the sports broadcasting trade, I’d have thought that persons tuning in to hear the Mets hosting the Phillies were primarily concerned with one of the two teams playing at the time. Russo and Francesca, however , know that the bulk of the audience consists of hardcore Mike & The Mad Dog fans and maybe a smattering of Yankee rooters. )

6 responses to “In The Future, I’ll Read WFAN Press Releases (And Plan My Afternoons Accordingly)”

  1. Jon Solomon says:

    There will be a postgame “performance review” live on WFAN after the game where listeners and suits will both be giving their critique of today’s broadcast.

    I hope you’ll be calling in.

  2. dave g. says:

    pretty sure it’s a one-off thing for a charity of some sort. But that doesn’t make it any less unlistenable. Good thing Gameday’s working.

  3. David Roth says:

    It is a charity thing, apparently. But Dave is right in that it’s fully unlistenable. That said, there’s something kind of satisfying in knowing that it is, actually, just as bad as I thought it would be.

  4. Repoz says:

    I listened to the whole mind-zonking game…and came away with the noledge that there are 500 “BIG SPOTS” in a nine inning game (Francesspool y Dogfeces went overboard with “BIG SPOT” and “HE’S GOTTA COME UP BIG HERE”-itis thruout the game).

    Fake author Russo spewed this tongula rasp late in the game…during a, natch, “BIG SPOT” for Jose Reyes.

    “Let’s see if Reyes is smart enough to take a strike here…and he does…and it’s a ball!”

  5. GC says:

    it had sort of a reverse MST3000/Buffcoat and Beaver vibe to it. An actual funny, non-sequiter or 2 (Allen Ladd?!) surrounded by the bluster you’d expect. And of course, Francesca pre-empting the critics by describing the broadcast as “your worst nightmare come true.”

    I’m just glad SF weren’t playing at the same time or the Dog might’ve tried to call two games at once.

  6. Jon Solomon says:

    For those of you who missed Ed Coleman and Bill Parcells breaking down the work of the afternoon’s play-by-play team on the postgame show, you have not truly lived. I hope you can live with yourselves.

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