Inside The Mind Of Bobby Fisher

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If you had a chance to observe former World chess champ / onetime American icon Bobby Fisher flipping out on ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap last night and spewing a truckload of anti-semetic invective….well, guess what? That was nothing compared to the mind-blowing collection of conspiracy theories and axes to grind, available at the web site maintained by Bobby’s girlfriend.

Perhaps most astonishing is Fisher’s claim that Paul Harvey is being paid $30 million by the Jews. If this is correct, can I get a pro-rated refund?

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  1. mike says:

    you know, if the Jews really did control the US government, I wouldn’t be so broke. Perhaps I should contact the ZOG Finance Minister about this.

  2. susan says:

    He is so a Jew! His momma’s Jewish, he’s Jewish, right? (But if you guys want to kick him out, it’s understandable.)

  3. Motti says:

    Mr Fisher is by definition half Jewish Ethnically/Racially as His mother was Semitic and a Jewess, Under Rabinic law he is regarded as a Jew also.

    He may feel very upset and uncomfortable to share the same blood with other fellow Jews as it must be very wierd to have such an ego and at the same time hate part of oneself, possibly the part that gave him his unique chess abilities!

    Many people including some Jews are quite ignorant to the fact that the Jews are a people and not defined as a religious group, although Judaism is a religious belief system it is only a small part of what defines a Jew or the Jewish nation.

    Jewish home land, food, music, literature, language etc are all part of Jewish national identity like any other groups arrond the globe.

    The Jewish people in general share the same geenes, a common national history and origin, only converts usually through marrage to a Jew could claim to be Jewish by religious conviction only.

    Not forgetting some Jews who follow other religions,like the 200,000 christain Jews who died in the Holocaust or the likes of Benjamin Disraeli who was a member of the Church of England, The current Bishop of Paris is a Jew who adopted the Catolic faith and Carl Marx who was a Jewish Athiest.

    If Mr Fisher would have been arrond in Nazi occupied Europe 60 odd years ago, he would have been made to wear a yellow star, I wonder how he would have talked his way out of that one!

  4. NEIL KLEIN says:


  5. Gregory P. Majercik says:

    If anyone with any sense pays the least bit of attention to the thoughts of Mr. Fisher, they can only arrive at one inescapable conclusion, He needs mental health care for his bizaar thoughts, statements and incantations about “jews”, the “US”, 9/11, etc

  6. Not a Jew, so what? says:

    Hate speech he spews and freedom of speech are two different things. Too bad he doesn’t understand that what he says will be used as a tool for those who hate. And those who hate don’t tollerate others freedom of speech. Kind of ironic, self fulling cycle. Hey Bobby, imagine this…that you CAN be wrong. Possible? And since when internet became a source of truth? It is just a medium for information flow.

    I hope you will get better Bobby. Cause you are check mating yourself .

    The move is yours.

  7. ric says:

    Bobby Fischer doesn’t feel at home here.Home should be where one feels wanted,loved and respected.Mr.Schaap’s interview was appauling!I listened thoroughly to what Mr.Fischer had to say about Jeremy and his Father and I agree with Mr. Fischer 1000%.”Free Thinking” is what this Country is based upon and continues to be fought for everyday.Pandering and Corruption have no business in Politics and or Media(Propaganda Machine). So pack up your Little Federal Reserve IOU’s,and Get out there and start GIVING!

  8. christopher minnesota says:

    Bobby has searched for the truth and found it. He doesn’t care that he is hated and excluded by the powerful people. I respect him for his bravery to state unpopular ideas. Most of what he says is true!

  9. hey says:

    Bobby fischer is jewish. If his mothers jewish that means he is jewish. OK

  10. alexander says:

    being a jew has to do with judaism. If you’re not following judaism, e.g circumcision, keeping sabbath etc. you’re not a jew. Very simple.

    It is true that to be a jew your mother has to be a jew or a convert to judaism. However, if your mother is a jew you don’t automatically become a jew if you don’t follow judaism. Jewness is not a race.

  11. David says:

    I think Bobby Fisher should live in Israel and be surrounded Israelis for the rest of his life. He should be made to work on a Kibbutz and forced to contribute to the Jewish homeland in some way untill his last breath of air. May he drop dead soon.

  12. andrew the jew says:

    l am not to sure that bobby is jewish.he doesnt sound or look jewish.lf the guy says he isnt and he lsnt circumcised ….he probably isnt! why did his mum go to germany from the US in 1933? it is odd! something is strange!

  13. Brendan says:

    I see it as a crying shame that most replies on this page are of an equally unsavoury nature as the invective spewed forth by Bobby himself. In lieu of his tremendous accomplishments in chess, respect is due where it is merited.
    As for his descent into madness, Jeremy Schaap was exemplary in handling the reproachful remarks of his dad voiced by Bobby. The reason that Bobby was speechless after Jeremy’s retort was because JEREMY DID THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WAS EXPECTED OF HIM AS A JEW (at least in the eyes of Bobby). Where most seethe with anger upon Bobby fomenting an anti-semitic bout, Jeremy Schaap simply kept his gloves on and receded to the bench (pardon the hockey analogy, I’m from Montreal), while an irate Bobby stood dumbfounded. It was almost as if it was a moment of realization for him that, maybe, he HAD gone off the deep end. But an obsessive personality cannot so easily drop the notions that have been carved into its being like water scars ravines.
    Jeremy Schaap is the hero in this development, and if one thing can be learned, it is that it is not about how many battles you’ve won but how you fought them.

  14. Brendan says:

    In reference to an above reply which implied that if his Bobby’s mother is Jewish , then he must be (Jewish) is lacking in full justification. True, the only prerequisite that need be met is that your mother is Jewish, but this is only for those who choose to embrace Judaism. If, for example, Bobby had a Jewish mother and a Gentile father, and Bobby chose not to embrace the ideologies or acknowledge that he is Jewish, he is only technically half-Jewish. A religion cannot be so selfish in this way; for example, if Bobby’s mother was Jewish and his father a Christian, and he was raised a Christian, Bobby is still half-Jewish but he is a Christian. There are fine differences between being Jewish-religious and Jewish-maternally.

  15. Mark says:

    Okay, so he claims that he isn’t circumcised and is therefore not a Jew. How can he not be circumcised? Common he was born to a Jewish mother and secondly in Chicago, where at that time almost 95% of males were routinely circumcised whether Jewish or not. Not that he is dead, maybe his doctor(s) could come forward and put this to rest and once again prove that Bobby Fisher is circumcised and lied about his status!

  16. barry says:

    Bring us his Penis!

  17. John says:

    Bobby Fischer sure doesn’t look jewish, he doesn’t have any jewish
    characteristics( i.e. lower lip, nose, eye brows, ear lobes,eyes, ect.)
    Someone should save some genetic material so we could look for jewish markers, then we will know for sure. Bobby fischer himself claims he is
    not jewish, and I tend to believe him. Jewish people should avoid supremist
    tendencies and accept that someone doesn’t have to be jewish to be the world’s
    best chess player.

  18. Brendan says:

    R.I.P. Bobby Fischer.
    Now that he is gone, the notoriety surrounding his anti-Semitism will die down and the legacy of his phenomenal chess-playing abilities, whether due to Judaism or not, will live on.

  19. Brendan says:


    Mark said,

    01.18.08 at 12:24 pm

    Okay, so he claims that he isn’t circumcised and is therefore not a Jew. How can he not be circumcised? Common he was born to a Jewish mother and secondly in Chicago, where at that time almost 95% of males were routinely circumcised whether Jewish or not. Not that he is dead, maybe his doctor(s) could come forward and put this to rest and once again prove that Bobby Fisher is circumcised and lied about his status!

    1. Bobby never claimed he was not circumsised.
    2. You do not mean to write the word ‘common’; in this context, you mean ‘Come on’ , as in ‘Believe me’.
    3. You’ve said that almost all males, Jewish or not, were circumsised. How, then, would finding him circumsised allow you to conclude that he’s Jewish?

    Given the above information about you, I may, however, claim (with absolute certainty) that you are an inveterate imbecile.

  20. Olga Nickonoff says:

    I am sorry, but some comments above exhibit clearly that their poor authors should look attentively inside their own empty minds before approaching the great mind of Bobby…

  21. usa is aok says:

    bobby had a great mind, for chess. that is all. you can be a genius at one thing then inept at everything else.

  22. Laine says:

    Bobby was a great chess player but a TERRIBLE human being.

  23. Laine says:

    John,you may not know this but Jews come in all shades.As for Fischer,he was completely Jewish-but in a biological sense only.
    His mother was Jewish and Bobby,himself, admitted this before going off the deep end.And his father-whether Gerhard Fischer (born Liebscher) or Paul Nemenyi-was also Jewish.The fact that he eventually became a raving Jew hater does not change who his parents were.

  24. Benjamin Harrison says:

    Fischer’s problem hadn’t much to do with his brilliance, but more to do with his extreme obsession with his game. It honestly seemed like listening to someone who pretty much was obsessed with just winning chess and nothing else. Plus, why do all the conspiracy nuts have to be obsessed with seeing some minute minority of the population as the bad guy? Are they like, a wuss, or something? Plus, if someone really wanted Fischer dead, how did he live so long ranting about it, sounds worse than Alex Jones, especially considering that he, well, even went so far as to reject medical/dental care, self-destructive, self-fulfilling, if you ask me.

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