Iraq Unlikely To Win The Davis Cup Anytime Soon

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You’ve probably heard the horrible story about two members of Iraq’s Olympic tennis squad (and their coach) being murdered last week for having the termerity to wear shorts in public.

With this horrible act of zealotry firmly in mind, today’s poll question is :

Q : Which vocalist for a Western pop group once slugged his tour manager and justified the assault by pointing out the victim had been wearing shorts?

The first person to correctly identify the superstar in question wins a copy of 2K6’s Major League Baseball (XBox or PS2 version).

9 responses to “Iraq Unlikely To Win The Davis Cup Anytime Soon”

  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    HR of the Bad Brains?

  2. kt says:

    jimmy osmond?

  3. Timothy Cook says:

    Mark Smith?

  4. notorius says:

    If by vocalist you mean drummer, and by slugged you mean pulled a gun, and by tour manager you mean Stephen Malkmus, then the answer is Gary Young, who I hear was notorious for his hatred of short pants, as he called them.

  5. GC says:

    I’ve seen Gary Young in short pants.

    We can stop now. We’ve already got a winner.

  6. Holland Oats says:

    So for the first time in my life I pick up a copy of G freaking Q (for the Saunders “Buddha Boy” piece), only to find the maestro behind this very blog plugging away inside its perfumed, Prada-fied pages. Now it’s all well and good to promo that baseball vid, with its soundtrack’s ‘athletic’ bands like Yo La and GBV, but how could you/they forget that alums Lynnfield Pioneers were named after their high school football team!!

    (I kid becuz I love.)

    And oh, my guess? Chris Knox. Obviously suffering from Bermuda envy.

  7. GC says:

    Mike, having been victimzed by the high heat of Bob Pollard on more than one occasion (let’s just say if you dig in against the B-to-the-P he’ll send you Dayton-Flying) I cannot allow you to question the good man’s sporting credentials.

    Likewise, good luck trying to turn a double play with Georgia Hubley bearing down upon you. You might get the throw off, but is the concussion, the missing teeth, etc. really worth it? I think not.

    I haven’t seen this GQ you speak of yet, but I can assure that a) I was probably misquoted horribly and b) I usually don’t wear this sort of thing

  8. Holland Oats says:

    you just said “a d.p. with Georgia Hubley…”, heh.

    so who was it, mark e smith?

  9. GC says:

    it was this guy :

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