Is Your Organization Ready To Get Motivated?

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Hot Shit College Student Writes,

With all the free time Dusty Baker has, you’d think he’d make sure the Premiere Speakers Bureau website updated his photo. You have to sell yourself, Dusty!

To which I can only add, I sincerely hope Dusty is commanding a bigger fee than Tom Candiotti.

2 responses to “Is Your Organization Ready To Get Motivated?”

  1. Hot Shit Collage Student says:

    AC Green’s $10,000 abstinence presentation looks pretty exciting too. I would totally put that on plastic if he was still a virgin.

  2. Rog says:

    I thought about putting down the $19.95 to talk to Tony O’Dell…but what the hell would we talk about?

    Oh, and who voted Tom Candiotti one of the top 100 baseball players? Is that just the most outrageous lie ever?!?

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