It Could Be Worse – At Least No One Is Selling Bengie Molina Beaujolais

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“Marked down from like $5 million per year?” asks intrepid wine reporter David Roth.  “(In Schneider’s case) I have no idea how this is still going for $10, but… yeah. I’m waiting until it hits $3, at which point I’ll write a prissy Robert Parker-style review at CSTB.”  There’s at least one person in the NYC area that might consider a bottle of “Abreu’s Finest” an appropriate aphrodisiac, but I’m not about to forward the message.

3 responses to “It Could Be Worse – At Least No One Is Selling Bengie Molina Beaujolais”

  1. zambonirodeo says:

    Can’t they just slap a picture of Coste on there?

  2. Rog says:

    Roth, post the name of the wine shop please. Always looking for cheap shit to drink during the week ever since the wife and I bought a house that we can’t afford which, for the most part, is falling apart brick by brick. I used to buy $50 reserves from Sonoma, now I’d gladly buy cases of this shit for the right price.

    BTW, I believe the profits of these wines go to charity, don’t they? That might be why the Schneider hooch hasn’t gone down below the Bolla price level yet.

  3. David Roth says:

    Rogerio: it’s Yorkshire Wine and Spirits, First Avenue and 85th Street. A long way to go for some heavily oaked charity wine — especially when there are probably some lovely Henry Blanco Pinot Gris hitting stores next month — but it is a collector’s item. Or masochist’s item. Whichever. Both.

    And I’m sorry to hear about the wine/house situation. If you need some help hanging shelves in your new home, my rates are reasonable. If you need anything more involved than that, you should probably ask someone more skilled than I.

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