It Might Never Happen Again…

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But on the subject of Chuck Klosterman, Gawker couldn’t be righter than if they morphed into Barry Goldwater.

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  1. Timothy Cook says:

    No matter how repellant I find everything Klosterman and his penially-conjoined mate Bill Simmons affix their respective by lines to, I find Klosterman’s career arc quite spectacular. The stratospheric “peaks” he boasts of in one of the Gawker excerpts linked above are truly meaningful in the context of an individual’s advancement into and embodiment of “The System”, to be sure, but the problem remains the question of “Who cares?”.

    However, speculating the answer to the question makes me uncomfortable, as it seems like some people at least, care. I then find myself wishing I could avenge the sins of past and present, punch him in the nose, break his fingers, shatter his laptop and pda devices (e.g. “This is for perpetuating bad taste, crack”, “This is for your self-gratifying remembrance of the Whitesnake concert, crack crack…”, etc.). But I feel shame for the burning hate I feel inside! I wish it could all just go away!

    See, to me Klosterman is a recursive spiral of hate, perpetually calling on itself like a broken formula. Perhaps others feel this same way, I don’t know. CSTB and CSTB readers, help me stop the hate I feel!

  2. GC says:

    You’re just p.o.’d cuz Chuck’s prominence as a critic and social observer means that Kingdom Come are more influential than the Ramones.

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