It’s a Bad Time to Apply for a New Credit Card

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But how am I supposed to resist?

Personal to CSTB editorial office: clearly we have left an important sport out of the category options. I mean, it’s bound to be covered here at least as much as tennis.

6 responses to “It’s a Bad Time to Apply for a New Credit Card”

  1. Rog says:

    If you lived in Canada, you’d be watching curling all the time. It’s bigger than most mainstream sports there.

  2. hot shit college student says:

    I’d like to see some evidence supporting that people actually watch it on tv, Rog. Seems like something best/most enjoyed doing. I would go so far to say I would do it twice a week if making it to a frozen lake was convenient.

  3. Rog says:

    Well, here’s the schedule in case you ever make it up and wanna watch the 8:30AM morning draw.

  4. Jason Cohen says:

    I have lived in Canada. It’s actually quite mesmerizing (though my roommate also smoked a lot of weed). And the women curlers are often cute.

  5. Ben Schwartz says:

    And I thought my Air Hockey Visa card was dumb. Actually, it still is.

  6. Jason Cohen says:

    Apparently the curling outrated the Final Four in Canada by factor of 10 to 1

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