Jake 2.0 : Wilson Pillories Shitty Pro Site

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Following yesterday’s correspondence, Jake Wilson is still exasperated with Deadspin :

First they’re mocking MLBlogs for allowing obscene French-language postings on the site, going as far as yesterday’s exercise in poor taste to try to make their point about the lack of post moderation on there. Today Deadspin is decrying “the ugly hand of censorship” at MLBlogs after noticing that their favorite French blog is missing some key words. I guess it’s too much to ask for any consistency out of Deadspin.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. The mensas over at Deadpsin don’t appear to have ever heard of the technological breakthrough known as the “profanity filter” and seem to be under the impression that MLBlogs has a staff of people going through posts and editing out inappropriate terms by hand. No wonder they can’t even figure out how to enable comments on their “blog.”

Well, you don’t see any comments at Gawker or Defamer, do you? It’s a one-way conversation, though you are of course, welcome to supply them with tips (though what they really need is internet access at home).

2 responses to “Jake 2.0 : Wilson Pillories Shitty Pro Site”

  1. jamie says:

    so i guess we can count you among those who haven’t been invited to the new “Gawker Comments” party? pity – there’s not nearly enough Fran Healy news over there.

  2. CSTB says:


    as usual, I stand corrected. I’ve fallen out of the habit of checking Gawker every few hours to see if anyone has been standing behind Parker Posey in line at Starbucks (or even better, Kevin Bacon sightings at the Union Square multiplex with the crap plastic seats) so I totally missed their addition of comments.

    And I do think there are higher crimes than not providing a forum for comments. Touting a site as offering “sports news’ without featuring any sports news, for instance.

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