James Dolan – Not Quite The New Chris Crocker

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“There’s no telling whether Anucha Browne Sanders’ attorneys will successfully convince the jury of seven that Isiah Thomas is guilty of sexual harassment,” wrote Newsday’s Jim Baumbach yesterday. “But after listening to Dolan’s deposition, and that of senior vice president of human resources Rusty McCormack, it’s become clear he wrongfully fired Browne Sanders.”

And what a doozy of a deposition it was. The rave reviews keep flying in.

David Roth : He’s schlumpy and evasive and painfully stupid and so openly disdainful as to make Donald Rumsfeld look like…I don’t know, someone who is friendly to the media.

NateDog : there are so many wonderful details..

The rolling of the eyes in every direction possible…
The body language as the hours pass…
The snort into the mic (clipped on a t-shirt because he didn’t even bother to wear a collared shirt to a deposition in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit) at the 8:54 mark…
The continual resort to “influencing the investigation” by the defendant…
And of course, the JD special, saying “the um” as if “the um” were a concept unto itself…

This man is clearly a born performer, and who can deny they’re entertained?

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  1. Michael says:

    Is there a human being under all those rolls of fat? He looks like Jabba the Hut. What completely embarrassing fools he and Isiah are. I don’t understand how someone can even root for this team anymore…as if Curry, Marbury, and now Randolph (!!) aren’t reason enough.

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