Jaws Offers Fred Ex A Hot 2-Way Gig

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From the “no fucking way” corner, here’s the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Ed Barkowitz.

The Soul roster, like most Arena Football League rosters, is filled with mostly unrecognizable names. That would change very quickly if team president Ron Jaworski gets his way.

Jaworski last night said he is trying to reach out to former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell (above) to gauge any potential interest Mitchell might have in joining the Soul.

Mitchell, the Eagles’ first-round pick in 2001, was released by the Birds in May and was cut late in summer training camp by the Kansas City Chiefs. He suffered a knee injury during training camp.

Adding Mitchell would take some serious salary-cap maneuvering by the Soul and would require the flamboyant wideout to check his ego at the training room door. After all, he’d have to play defense, as well.

“Oh, absolutely,” Jaworski said. “That’s what separates the guys in this game.”

Marshall RB Ahman Bradshaw is free on bond today after being charged with stealing another student’s Playstation. I could say something about how if you’re gonna risk expulsion, imprisonment and public ridicule, the least you can do is steal a video game system that was introduced in the last 5 years, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

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  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    Despite making a national jackass of himself preceeding last seasons Super Bowl (and disapperance during it), Freddie “ThePeoplesChoiceHollywoodFearlessFredEx4th&26thSultanOfTheSlot” Mitchell still enjoys some celebrityhood in Philly (the season saving 4th-down reception vs Green Bay in the divisionals), so this story does not surprise me. I would guess that Mitchell will pass as if he cant cut it in the AFL, it would negate any remote wish he may have of playing for another NFL team. In any case, any Mitchell Soul jerseys would still come in a distant third in sales behind the teams owner (#1 Bon Jovi) and President (#7 Jaworski).

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