Jeff Fisher Never Said Vince Young Had Suicidal Tendencies

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Not out loud or within earshot of a reporter, anyway.  From the Tennessean’s Jim Wyatt :

Metro Police issued a bulletin for officers to be on the lookout for Titans quarterback Vince Young on Monday night after Coach Jeff Fisher expressed concern about his emotional well being.

According to Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron, Fisher had been alerted after a friend of Young™s contacted the coach around 7 p.m. Monday night. Young eventually made contact with Fisher, and the two met around midnight with Metro police officials at Baptist Sports Park.

Given the totality of the situation, Coach Fisher was concerned about Young™s emotional well-being. He contacted the police department and expressed to us his concern,™™ Aaron said. œOnce he came to Baptist Sports Park and was assessed, it appeared the concerns from earlier in the night were unfounded.™™

According to police, Young left his home abruptly Monday night and sped off without his cell phone. A person at Young™s home contacted Fisher, who then contacted police.

Young had a handgun in the glove compartment of his vehicle, but it was not loaded and Aaron said officers had no concerns about Young trying to harm himself. It is not against the law in Tennessee to transport an unloaded firearm with no ammunation present in a motor vehicle, Aaron said.

œThe fact the gun was in the glove compartment and was unloaded did not present an issue for the officers,™™ Aaron said. œThere was no ammunition in the car. The gun was unloaded. The slide was back in a safe position, and it was in the glove box.™™

Said incident took place on the Monday following a David Climer editorial assailing Young for what appeared to be the QB’s refusal to return to the field during Sunday’s win over Jacksonville (“sulking is no longer an option”). Say what you will about Jeff Fisher’s understanding of mental health issues, but the Titans require no advice in how to torpedo the market value of the franchise’s best known commodity.

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  1. Looks perfect stable, not at all paranoid or anything, in this image:

  2. Bjorn Randolph says:

    GC, I’m a little disappointed in you for wasting the opportunity to put up a photo of Mike Muir with a snarky caption. Check out the hand gesture in this one.

    You dropped the ball on that story last week involving Rick Morrissey, as well.

  3. Rog says:

    The WWL was reporting the story as if it were normal to call the police every time a member of your family leaves the house without their cell phone. There’s probably, like, 4 million APB’s out for me right now.

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