Jeff Van Gundy Campaigns For A Pro-Rated League Pass Discount

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As heard during the early stages of the Heat’s blowout victory in Dallas, and while I’ll submit that JVG is rarely as intelligent or as good looking as when he’s echoing my sentiments (or failing that, Kelly Dwyer’s), I am somewhat fearful he’s (again) risking the wrath of an NBA commissioner who’d probably like to see him buried in the Secaucus, NJ swamplands.

2 responses to “Jeff Van Gundy Campaigns For A Pro-Rated League Pass Discount”

  1. Xa says:

    —— ——
    / \ / \
    / — \
    | |
    \ JVG /
    \ 4EVER /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /

    (That seriously took forever.)

  2. Xa says:

    Sorry, still trying to figure out how nerds express themselves?

    It was supposed to be a heart around JVG, not JVG wrapped around Mourning’s leg.

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