Joakim Noah’s Tormentor Has A More Interesting History Than John Green

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If you’re wondering what sort of a person would celebrate a Miami Heat blowout playoff win over Chicago (or at the very least, Joakim Noah’s ejection) in such a vile, deliberate manner, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Ihosvani Rodriguez suggests season ticket holder Filomena Tobias, widow of the late CNBC financial commentator Seth Tobias, might not be a woman to mess with.

On Sept. 4 2007, Jupiter police and paramedics found Seth Tobias drowned in his pool. Medical examiners ruled he had a lethal mix of alcohol, cocaine and the sleeping pill Ambien in his system.

A five-month police investigation concluded there was no foul play, and prosecutors declined to pursue a criminal prosecution.

Tobias’ brothers – Samuel, Spence, Scott and Joshua – accused his widow of murder in a civil battle to keep her from grabbing their late brother’s $25 million fortune under Florida’s “slayer statute.”

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  1. aaron says:

    can’t wait for the internet to get a hold of the term “slayer statute.”
    maybe i should make a preemptive bad photoshop.

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