Joe Torre Is Making Plans For (Fining The Fuck Out Of) Nyjer (Morgan)

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With apologies to Andy Partridge Colin Moulding for the above headline, congrats to the Milwaukee Brewers, and special tip of the cap to budding (baseball) public enemy no. 1, Tony Plush, aka Nyjer Morgan, who did something on TBS that Tony Schiavone no doubt wanted to try every week ; utter the word “fuck” no fewer than 3 times before a live, national audience.  It’s quiet a coincidence, too, because I’m heard to yell, “fuck no, fuck no, fuck no” every time TBS shows a commercial for the new Tyler Perry comedy.

6 responses to “Joe Torre Is Making Plans For (Fining The Fuck Out Of) Nyjer (Morgan)”

  1. Tommy Hoops says:

    Please direct all apologies for the headline to Colin Moulding.

  2. GC says:

    thank you, Tom. It’s an all-retraction Friday at CSTB! While we’re fixing the day’s errors I should also apologize for this morning’s post about David Wells’ “Sons Of Anarchy” cameo. Turns out I imagined the whole thing.

  3. twf says:

    What about the interviewer?!?!? HOW DUMB do you have to be to see that he would repeat his chant. He said it once, started it again, and she put the mic in as fast as she should have pulled it away AFTER blasting it into the mic. THEN she left it there for a third and final “FUCK YEA”.

  4. Milw Slim says:

    Give it a rest -who cares…..Let’s talk about the Brewers WIN = WOW.
    I mean Joe Biden can drop the F-BOMB and thats in the news for what? An hour and hnothing is mentioned ever again. Why the double standard?


  5. Spike Vrusho says:

    I’m already tired of Nyjer Morgan’s act.

  6. APV says:

    Oh Fuck Yeah, an XTC reference! Nice!!!

    Could Nyjer Morgan be the next Mayor of Simpleton? Just saying …

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