Jon Heyman Steps Into the Light Regarding Pat Burrell

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August 15: He’s come back nicely from a brutal year of a few years ago to reestablish himself as a pretty good offensive player. He’s had a lot of big hits this year. Of course, many of them have come in Citizen’s Bank Jokeyard.

November 2: Streaky and sullen, he still can still hit 30 home runs (at least in Citizens Bank Joke Yard).

January 2: Pretty well limited to the AL by a declining ability to play the field. His bad second half seems to be hurting him, too, but let’s not forget that he hit on the road, too, not just at Citizen’s Bank Jokeyard.

2 responses to “Jon Heyman Steps Into the Light Regarding Pat Burrell”

  1. GC says:

    I guess Heyman wasn’t blown away by Burrell’s 18 career home runs at the not nearly as bandboxy Shea Stadium

  2. Braves Suck says:

    You’re a stupid fuck. The left field wall in Citizens Bank Park is not even that much smaller than the average park. Besides, both teams gotta play in the same park. And GC is right, if it was only because of the stadium, Burrell wouldn’t own the Mets like he does. It didn’t matter how far away the wall was when he was rocking the double that ended up being the World Series clinching run. Blow it out your ass, Heyman. Yeah, I’m from Philly, so you can add this to the list of reasons why people should hate us. We LOVE the reputation. Come up to Broad St. with a Santa costume on and see what happens. Or better yet, a Braves Jersey. Hope you like snowballs.

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