July 11 : Reduced All-Star Break Twitter Schedule

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  • Fisher returning to Lakers, Jordan Farmar Superstar (above) isn’t. Kupchak on Riley : “it’s a wonderful thing he’s done for the people of Miami” #
  • Knicks on a 16-2 run against the Lakers. Hey, take it where we can get it. #
  • how to become a real Cubbie : assault Blake DeWitt http://bit.ly/aeShQR #
  • re: Jerry Jones on “Entourage”. Ferrara is no longer the worst acting Jerry on the show #
  • would you pay a few grand to shut up Chris Berman? Yes, but not for just one night in July http://bit.ly/cxppjF #
  • if Knicks have regained a smidgeonof credibility under Walsh/D’Antoni, any hint of Zeke Redux is chilling RE http://bit.ly/bEkFtE #
  • Here’s wishing John Stabb of Government Issue the happiest of birthdays. When Stabb hits 50 it’s gonna be a national holiday #
  • cannot wait to see Sam Cassell climb the coaching ladder #
  • nearly paid $14.95 for a Summer League broadband subscription ; Wizards/Warriors is on NBA TV right now #
  • kiddie football camp angry that Mike Vick bailed on commitment. And they hired Vick because what, Rae Carruth was busy? http://es.pn/aF4yTE #

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