July 25 In Tweets : The Day Wally Backman Considered An Upgrade To His Toyota Tercel

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(greatest catcher of the modern era shows today’s fans you’re never too old to raid Charles Oakley’s wardrobe)

  • Homer Bailey will start for Dayton tomorrow night vs. Quad Cities. No comment on GBV reunion from Bailey (who to be fair, wasn’t asked) #
  • vote of confidence was when, Friday? RT @lenno212: Asked twice, Minaya would not say definitively that staff will remain intact on Tuesday #
  • Deadspin depects J. Noah in a head shop. commenter’s reply, ‘what a bunch of snitching little narc twats you guys are” http://bit.ly/b50aVi #
  • much as i believe HoJo has stolen money, Minaya/Manuel oughta go, too RT @BobKlap: HoJo’s dismissal would be an ominous sign Manuel. #
  • rumored Mets/Royals swap, “two organizations taking their three biggest failures each and putting them on a pedestal” http://bit.ly/c7rLkK #
  • shortly after failing to acquire Cliff Lee, Yankees fail to get Dan Haren, too http://bit.ly/a5LkiP #
  • Astros/Whattaburger want you take Berkman to school. Fuck that, let him learn to read on his own time http://bit.ly/cRmKt9 #
  • today’s rendition of “America The Beautiful” at Chavez Ravine cancelled in favor of Black Flag’s “American Waste”. Great job, Potsie! #
  • silver lining for the latest mets soul-crusher ; possible house-cleaning, kneejerk Backman promotion w/ subsequent YouTube meltdown, firing #
  • the removal of R.A. Dickey (against his wishes) = PREVENTION & RECOVERY GONE MAD #
  • Mets starting pitching during this west coast trip has very good ; hitting beyond abysmal. Time to trade Dickey to a contender? #firehojo #
  • how did former Longhorn Sergio Kindle fall down two flights of stairs Thursday night? http://bit.ly/aPoIkS #
  • hated the Cards but Whitey’s two books, ‘The White Rat’, and ‘You’re Missing A Great Game’, are a genuine hoot. RE http://bit.ly/9RcCUX #
  • A little bit longer! RT @dumpland How long must we wait for the AMC retrospective of the acting career of Lee Ving? #
  • Scott Hall to headline 8/20 card at Cyclones’ MCU Park. “FCW” must stand for “Fuck Competent Wrestling” #
  • BAD FOR THE JEWS : Ausmus to retire http://es.pn/97VQtD #
  • Johnny Bench. Pimp. http://tweetphoto.com/34899993 #
  • Pearlman : Kazmir-for-Zambrano wasn’t such a bad trade for the Mets http://bit.ly/aCZnpK Neyer : oh yes it was! http://es.pn/aQkMRy #

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  1. Luke N. Atmaguchi says:

    Jew defensive switch, RYNE SANDBERG (The Yom-Skippur) for BRAD AUSMUS. If no one bothers to research Sandberg, he counts!

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