July 27 In Tweets : Counting The Days Before T.O. Turns On Carson Palmer

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(not coming thru the door of the NY Post sports dept. anytime soon)

  • y’know in the old days there’d be nothing to distract from a mets game except domestic violence and beer. so thx @MikeVacc, for the laffs! #
  • mental note after correspondence w/ Post scribe : next time I write something deeply unfunny, claim it was a joke. (I MIGHT BE VERY BUSY) #
  • RT @MikeVacc: For the record, I was tweaking the folks who’d bombarded Twitter with anti-Beltran tweets after his double. Can we not laugh? #
  • if random tweet-dopes wanna persist in mindless Beltran persecution, so be it. But @MikeVacc is a PROFESSIONAL dick #
  • least useful observation of all time? RT @MikeVacc that’s 2 hits for Beltran that would’ve driven in five runs on a certain eve in 10/06 #
  • oh for fucks sake. RE http://bit.ly/atbyl5 #
  • Mets can’t score off Arizona bullpen ; return home to abuse Adam Wainwright. #
  • hey, anything’s better than Collective Soul RT @95Sports: I still can’t believe arenas still play music by a CONVICTED pedophile. #
  • I think Brett Myers’ wife will take that trade RE http://bit.ly/dquypU #
  • it’s like buying the NY Post to read Dick Young and getting Mike Vaccaro RE http://bit.ly/aoZIUZ #
  • Cohen’s right, but none of the bruddas ever dropped off a laptop loaded w/ illicit materials for repairs at PC World (think Radio Shack UK) #
  • Gary Cohen quote of the year : “I think Gary Glitter had a better idea he’d be in the pantheon forever than the Ramones did” #
  • and their 2010 postseason chances RT @TylerKepner: Mets observing moment of silence for Ralph Houk, Vic Ziegel and George Steinbrenner. #
  • the most brutal diss to date of Beano Cook RE http://bit.ly/azWnBc #
  • WMD shill dines w/ bunyanesque fraud RT @KenDavidoff: Ari Fleischer is at Cards -Mets. He went to dinner last night w/client Mark McGwire. #
  • New York Times, Jan 9, 2010 : “‘Jersey Shore’..consensus choice for most appalling show of 2009” NYT, July 25, 2010 : “It’s Snooki’s Time” #
  • Bengals sign Terrell Owens. Which is great news if you’re Skip Bayless’ ghost-tweeter. #
  • Ryan Church says, “get out there and play you big sissy” RT @KBurkhardtSNY: Jason Bay has mild concussion. Felt symptoms on plane home. #
  • bullshit. braves rookie made the all star team! RT @MediaFire: Hayward says he was ‘demonised and vilified’ http://tinyurl.com/2wk4kw4 #
  • new purple wax 7″ from The Hex Dispensers from @trouble_in_mind. Looks great, sounds even better http://tweetphoto.com/35264206 #
  • they need to stop talking paternity suits and Facebook at rookie orientation and focus on tradition http://es.pn/c9zFMA #
  • RIP pedal steel wizard Ben Keith http://bit.ly/96GJf8 #
  • 70K + to watch Man Utd. play the MLS All-Stars? Imagine the attendance if Strasburg had made the team? #
  • don’t believe the hype : Cuban calls UFL talent level “off the charts”. http://bit.ly/9PygBq #
  • Matt Garza, mobbed by teammates http://tweetphoto.com/35123040 #
  • A zillion tweets fail to jinx Tampa’s
    Matt Garza #
  • Tampa no hitters : 1. NY Mets no hitters : zero #

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