July 28 In Tweets : Bryce Harper Would Like A Meeting With Maverick Carter

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  • “Kiss Cam” finally supplanted by “Complain Via Tweet Cam” RE http://bit.ly/bauqNU #
  • “stars” of Vegas’ UFL team are only avail. for a 2 hour meet & greet. Have to return to their jobs washing dishes RE http://bit.ly/9cp4Gs #
  • uhhh…Nats’ Batista disses Miss Iowa, is invited to judge Miss Iowa pageant. Hey, I hate ferrari’s, tequila & rolex watches! #
  • Mike Hesseman’s 2-run double missed being a grand slam by inches ; upstaged by Straw wearing a Kobe jersey. Cards 6, Mets 2, end of the 1st #
  • let me guess ; he’s not devastated? RT @FireJerryManuel: tom glavine is on line 1 #
  • when Oliver Perez thinks you’re not giving your team a chance to win, you’ve got real probs, Johan #
  • Dick Justice describes Brett Myers as “untouchable”. If only that were true of his wife! http://bit.ly/9IlSgV #
  • the women of syracuse agree! RT @m_bres: Thank god Jim Boeheim doesn’t have extramarital sexcapades at restaurants. #
  • Dominic Brown mania, sans telephoto lens RT @meechone: It’s him! It’s really, really him! @mlb http://twitpic.com/29jwid #
  • Sypher, Pitino “happy” at restaurant says bartender. Also, threatning calls from a man named LESTER http://bit.ly/b3k2d3 #
  • worst job in sports/media/extermination : the person who has to google “Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog” all day looking for blog mentions #
  • Sean Salisbury : Will Crossdress For $$$ RE http://bit.ly/9efZAX #
  • NYT : fundraiser behind efforts to assist Yale hockey player w/ leukemia has a long history of fraud http://nyti.ms/cjsQPp #
  • Ted Berg’s comments on gig etiquette (http://bit.ly/cBRUAb) recall this simpsons clip (http://youtu.be/OVDmM6A3_PE) #
  • hands up, everyone who figured Miguel Cairo would be much more than a warm body in his 15th MLB season #
  • BSU prez denounces Idaho fans as “nasty, inebriated” Yeah, but at least they play on a GREEN field. http://bit.ly/deGlhv #
  • good news for Mets : Cubs might pick up some of Lilly’s salary. bad news : NTC means Lilly will demand compensation http://bit.ly/d7sNTp #
  • london hotel discriminates against Swans! http://bit.ly/apamNB #
  • also v. good in “WKRP In Cincinnati” RT @lenno212: Homer-king Hessman gets first ML start since 2008. http://bit.ly/aKptk0 #
  • best part of the ESPN / LeBrontourage story ; Big Baby surveys scene, decides it’s lame. #
  • best reason for ESPN to nix the LeBron profile ; if half of it was true, outer space invaders w/superior intellect would mock us 2 death #
  • Carlos Beltran fan fiction http://bit.ly/aJMx3y #
  • Steve Rushin returning to S.I. “you’ve been a lovely audience. Enjoy Marcy Playground” #
  • farm film report w/ german nat’l team member RT @SLAMonline: Video: Kaman Explodes $10K Worth of Fireworks http://dlvr.it/3726B #
  • in the wake of Coughlan’s Pie mishap, Burnett says ‘i’ve gotta be me” (ie., a jackass) http://bit.ly/cqgcFt #

  • Phillips on WFAN : “it’s not all HoJo’s fault”. What’s to his credit then? #
  • welcome to the O.C., bitch. Aladdin’s Bail Bonds is an Angels sponsor on Fox Sports #
  • so it’s not Ian Rotten RT @Darin_Childs: former WWE star to debut for ACW on August 8th, announcement coming tomorrow. #
  • Sergio Kindle just stopped by on his way to comedy night at @beerlandtexas. he thinks there’s something fishy about the Bob Huggins story. #
  • Mets win 8-2…because even Francoeur knows you’re not supposed to fuck up @kranepool‘s birthday! #

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