July 31 In Tweets : Standing Pat In Flushing

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(not newly acquired Red Sox C Jarrod Saltalamacchia)

  • RT @StevePopper: Omar : Mets were close on some, could still come w/ waivers. Also said finances not an issue (which entire league disputes) #
  • @95Sports Hench &the Sports Putz being buds isn’t the point. WWL “douchey”? uh, yeah. But Fox has been ethically inconsistent at best in reply to 95Sports #
  • @95Sports Fox can’t slam ESPN as kowtowing to LBJ when the former employed a football analyst who was paid by the very athletes he covered. in reply to 95Sports #
  • Fox Sports scribe on ESPN- beholden-to-LeBron. Yet paying Jay Glazer to report & bodybuild w/ NFL players is A-OK http://bit.ly/cH1RWW #
  • guy on right says, “yeah, sometimes I wanna abandon MY family, too” RT @NYBD: doc and Jeff #TwitPict http://twitpic.com/2agsjx #
  • @Baseballisms re : Salty/Sasser http://bit.ly/d2dIGC not exactly an obscure story in reply to Baseballisms #
  • seriously folks, there’s things called search engines. By all means, don’t use ’em Just keep asking ME stupid questions. #
  • @Baseballisms re: Salty, “does he have trouble throwing the ball back to the pitcher?” well, yes. wtf did you think I was refering to? in reply to Baseballisms #
  • Red Sox acquire the modern answer to Mackey Sasser, Jarrod Saltalamacchia http://bit.ly/azEkxy #
  • @JimBowdenXMFOX describes the Mets as deadline “losers”. If Phillips concurs, I might end up defending Minaya, just out of reflex #
  • Cerrone : Phillies weren’t positioned for Oswalt, Lee or Halladay trades w.out stockpiling hot prospects 1st http://bit.ly/9jPzB8 #
  • on the bright side, Dodgers kept their russian space healer RT @ArgyledPlaschke: I’m on my way to kill Ned Colletti. Who’s with me? #
  • MLB Network reports Ankiel & Farnsworth to ATL ; Mets expected to give Francoeur lifetime deal, retire his number, etc. #
  • RT @brianmctaggart: Astros close to multi-year deal with Brett Myers #
  • Giants acquire LHP Javier Lopez from Pittsburgh in exhcange for RHP Joe Martinez #
  • Huggy Harold on Yanks’ coveting Wood : “I can’t see putting the game on the line in a fly ball park in the 8th”. Kerry 2010 > Joba? #
  • agree w/ this assessment of Mets non-moves. But offensive woes, ‘pen depth, should’ve been addressed far earlier RE http://bit.ly/9C6n1e #
  • 40 mins to the deadline and i have a brainstorm : Perez/Castillo for Eddy Curry. #
  • enough about the Mets’ Hall of Fame ceremonies — in SF, they really know how to narrow down the selections http://exm.nr/dD8jW1 #
  • hey, my team IS bankrupt! #madoffed RT @gigadig: Bankrupt #Rangers add Cliff Lee, Molina, Cantu, and Guzman..wish my team was bankrupt. #
  • Pearlman : Fat Elvis “not buiilt for NY” http://bit.ly/db695B #
  • will Yanks cover salary? RT @StevePopper: Probably a step up even now RT @kranepool: how about both Darryl and Doc in the lineup tomorrow #
  • well done, Cubs – while Zambrano will be tough to move, there’s a shred of a chance you could get more in the future http://bit.ly/bZ05Aw #
  • it’s stories like the Mark Sanchez/Jamie-Lynn Sigler split that highlight the need for a Sports By Brooks east coast office #
  • Jake Westbrook scratched from Sat. start vs. Toronto ; rumored to be STL bound #
  • GET WELL SOON, BRAIN! http://youtu.be/7v1dULEZrwM #
  • 66 pitch 9th inning for Jose Valverde vs. Boston friday. At the risk of channeling Dick Justice, when did Augie Garrido become Tigers mgr? #
  • did the Nats learn zilch from their failure to deal Soriano? It looks that way this morning. #
  • i’m all for political protests at D-Backs games. Esp. f you do it before they score 9 runs off Mets pitching RE http://bit.ly/b9Bc90 #
  • Cohen recalls Yogi’s reaction to streaker ; correct answer, “I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman because it had a bag on its head” #
  • Darling observes that Citi trespassers will face thousands in fines. Mex : “i think those guys will need a loan” #
  • Keith Hernandez suggests Citi field invaders “have no idea what they’re in for”. I think we can all agree rape isn’t funny #

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