July 30 In Tweets : Celebrating Michael Kay’s Ability To Call 290 Foot HR’s

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  • ‘Full House Head’ – all kinds of amazing RT @chunklet There’s not a weekend night that can’t be improved by Endless Boogie. #
  • Wright, 3-run HR to left, ties the game at 3. More importantly RECLAIMING A SHARE OF THE CITI FIELD ALL-TIME HR LEAD at er, 10. #
  • Joe West would like point out that Pelf’s on pace for a 4 1/2 hour CG #
  • D-Backs, 3, Mets 0, top of the first. Mex : “this is like a repeat of Santana” #
  • forget about Oswalt and Berkman ; Astros should trade tomorrow’s Jars Of Clay concert for a Really Red reunion #
  • still can’t adjust to hearing Kirk Gibson called “Gibby”. http://youtu.be/6rsyypvMi54 #
  • apparently, there are scarier things than being called out by Bobby Ojeda http://bit.ly/aOY81T #
  • great news for flag football fans RT @BloggingBombers: The Yankees are on the verge of landing slugger Lance Berkman http://bit.ly/aNcBjF #
  • cancel my satellite subscription RT @RealSkipBayless: My challenge stands: I will debate Ocho AND Owens on live TV. #
  • place has slipped BIG TIME RT @BobsBlitz: Gallagher’s Steak House W 52nd cited for roaches. http://is.gd/dTI78 #
  • D-Backs look that good? RT @lenno212: Francoeur fired up, bat in hand, just headed to BP saying, “It’s going to be a laser show tonight.” #
  • Huggins’ serious injury is being blamed on taking medication w/ an empty stomach. Sergio Kindle shakes head, says “whatever” #
  • RT @Haudricourt: Just saw where Farm Aid is coming to Miller Park. Is that to help develop more pitching prospects in their system? #
  • Brett Wallace’s 1B job at Las Vegas to be filled by Mike Jacobs. No offense to Buffalo, but that’s called landing on your feet. #
  • @neelc13 re : who’ll play Soft Body Brown in “moneyball”. no idea, but he looks like Kellerman here http://bit.ly/aMUDlO in reply to neelc13 #
  • Sports Putz says the 2010 Red Sox are duller than death. What, Bill didn’t dig Francona’s wig commercial? http://es.pn/cg3fB5 #
  • phew! RT @TouchByAM: For those asking, the tank top Alyssa is wearing will be available in the Spring 2011 Line http://post.ly/pSGt. #
  • nice. old stories about Straw & Gooden’s (baseball) exploits http://es.pn/a4AbUQ #
  • Henry will be 34 during Euro 2012, 36 for the next World Cup. This is a non-story http://es.pn/9H37ic #
  • yet another part Paul Giamatti is fucked out of RE http://bit.ly/9Uacq6 #
  • New Dikes Of Holland 7″ http://tweetphoto.com/35783208 #
  • The Flesh Lights, @BeerlandTexas http://tweetphoto.com/35708669 #
  • OBN III’s, @BeerlandTexas http://tweetphoto.com/35708583 #
  • Elvis Andrus just pied Mitch Moreland, did so without tearing meniscus. Maybe we should wait for the x-rays, however. #
  • Rangers defeat A’s, 7-4, HR for ex-Longhorns C Teagarden. AL West lead is 8.5 financial probs are really ruining their season, eh? #
  • depends. Is there a gloved hand in your lap? RT @CrashburnAlley: Michael Jackson impersonator at the Phillies game? A little creepy, no? #
  • btw, just to be fair, I have no idea if the China Club even exists in 2010. #
  • If David Tyree is going to retire a Giant, can the China Club retire Shockey’s number? http://es.pn/aYrEIk #
  • Berkman the next Astros vet to be dealt predicts Round Rock mouthpiece Mike Capps. (figures Brett Wallace will be at 1B for HOU soon) #
  • who needs Lee, Lilly, Haren or Oswalt when the Mets can pursue (and not receive) Tom Gorzellany? http://bit.ly/9Qbyyg #
  • Gracie insists Joe Saunders “will win a lot of games” because “he’s too good a pitcher not to”. Amazing he got a ND tonight, then #

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