July 29 In Tweets : Property Of Nilbog Athletic Dept.

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  • in honor of ’80’s night at CBP http://youtu.be/GCn-0eQfqlk #
  • SBB credits rise of Dodger cap sales to gangstas on a) Manny being Manny, b) Matt Kemp dating Rhianna. TRENCHANT STUFF http://bit.ly/9O6VZZ #
  • if @ebertchicago really didn’t know that “Troll 2” wasn’t a sequel, i can feel smug/superior for exactly 90 seconds. OK, all done. #
  • Salisbury/Haynesworth confrontation that ended w/out SEAN WHIPPING IT OUT http://bit.ly/czbL2Z #
  • is this SFW? RT @ProFootballTalk: Rams rookie Mardy Gilyard will do whatever the veterans ask http://is.gd/dRoYk #NFL #
  • much as I find Lee v. Oswalt comparisons thrilling, there’s a team in Flushing that acquired neither of ’em. #bankruptwilpons #
  • Pirates sideline reporter wonder how kids might react to learning they were playing “Call of Duty” vs. asst. Bucs. How about, “who cares?” #
  • @kanyewest has been on Twitter for an entire 24 hours and the pissing match with @the_ironsheik hasn’t started yet. WTF? #
  • Pacers eager to move Dunleavy http://bit.ly/asR7kw can’t imagine why http://bit.ly/9yKNuy #
  • fascinating : further ways to gouge fair-weather/Strassburg fans the next time Nats’ phenom “can’t get loose” http://bit.ly/deCPiz #
  • “Buddy Holly Story” aside, it’s yr finest hour! RT @GaryJBusey: Wait…..I was in “Surviving the Game”? #filmconfessions #
  • the question oughta be, if LeBron’s crew didn’t know @ArashMarkzi was a writer, how’d the latter get such access to the party scene? #
  • did @ArashMarkazi really fail to ID himself as a reporter to the LeBrontourage? Or is ESPN protecting LBJ? http://bit.ly/9gLmE8 #
  • RT @magelb: Source: Oswalt has accepted deal. Astros waiting to hear back from Phillies. Happ and Gose part of package. #
  • one rotten first inning by Santana was all that separated the Mets from a sweep of STL. 19 runs scored in 3 games – #rdon #039;tfirehojo? #
  • more people read the cached version RT @darrenrovell1: Arash Markazi’s ESPN.com story on LeBron won’tt be posted again. http://tl.gd/2qik5v #
  • former Pats QB /Stingley teammate Steve Grogan : Jack Tatum “wasn’t a good person” http://bit.ly/ctAdAk #
  • O’s hire Buck Showalter http://bit.ly/dBQMOO #
  • the morning after the Mets’ pen was sorely taxed, R.A. Dickey is the anti-Ollie #
  • agreed RT @scratchbomb: the Mets didn’t exactly roll over last night, either. #
  • huge stuff from Dickey today ; 2 of 3 from STL might be too little, too late but nice to see the Mets doing something besides rolling over #
  • bye bye to Cambridge, MA’s awesome Twisted Village record shop http://bit.ly/cmFY2b #
  • Boris, Mohawk, Austin http://tweetphoto.com/35505673 #

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