July 5 In Tweets : Welcome To Microfracture Square Garden

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  • in honor of JaMarcus Russell’s bad monday http://bit.ly/9sqPd6 http://youtu.be/QbySAB2NFZU #
  • how do we know Stat is drinking D’ohlan-aid? His agent tweets they attended a 4th of July BBQ alongside “RIngo Starr and Joe Walsh”. Uh oh. #
  • how much does Vaseline love the american male? they waste 20 seconds of a half minute ad on Strahan’s fitness tips. #
  • which news gathering organization has a mole embedded in LeBron’s Akron Nike hoops camp? #
  • Reds’ Brandson Phillips says the All -Star team is “all about politics”. And he made the squad. http://bit.ly/b3roiO #
  • dear sports blogger dudes ; if you have a hopeless crush/infatuation w/a celeb, by all means tweet/blog about it repeatedly. never gets old! #
  • Isiah’s old place for rent? RT @alanhahn: Amar’e and Knicks doing “drive-by tour” of neighborhoods near Westchester training center #
  • where’s Willis’ ex-ticket scalper agent and why not let him get his shit together in indie ball? http://yhoo.it/buUr07 #
  • Franz Vazquez – not reporting to Orlando anytime soon http://bit.ly/cmkQqv #
  • Dumars denies talking to Nets http://bit.ly/cbfRd8 #

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