July 7 In Tweets : Is “The Decision” Fair Counterprogamming Vs. A “Community” Marathon?

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  • never mind Jared Dudley. If you wanna know what’s up with LeBron, ask Joey Abs RE http://bit.ly/9PNE4e #
  • Brilliant idea, re : undermining LeBron coronation http://bit.ly/ccGJte #
  • If LeBron is really in Miami closing the deal w/ Riley, how soon til D’ohlan petitions for reallignment? #
  • Heisey, solo HR to left off Niese. Son, that necklace makes you look like a moron. #
  • Death Wish will dedicate tonight’s version of “Wonderwall” to Chris Heisey. #
  • RT @EricStangel: So psyched. I just pre-ordered my LeBron James Clippers jersey!! #
  • Niese so far : 6 IP, one hit, 1 BB, 7 k’s, 67 pitches. Mets 1, Reds 1, last of the 6th #
  • Also, if anyone has pics or videos of @KBurkhardtSNY‘s early days as a member of the Pepsi Party Patrol, please fwd them to me. Thx #
  • The only reason I’m glad the Pepsi Party Patrol hasn’t disbanded ; I keep waiting for Metzilla to return and tear them limb from limb #
  • w/ all due respect to David Wright, the real MVP of flushing is whoever’s in charge of the cf tacos. #
  • Not sure I get the point of Cora trying to move runners to 3rd and 2nd w/ Niese coming up. Lack of depth continues to unAmaze #
  • Polite applause for Cyclones skipper Wally Backman, shown on the Citi big screen. Not shown : process server handing papers to Wally. #
  • Cap considerations aside in what possible universe is Bosh worth the same annual salary as LeBron? #
  • Death Wish K’s Bay ; the latter is accomplishing the near impossible — he’s making me dislike Pearl Jam EVEN MORE #
  • who the fuck is Matthew Morrison (and when is Kevin James going to devour him?) #citijumbotronsadness #
  • Jared Dudley predicted I’d wear these tonight #lebronmania http://tweetphoto.com/31381437 #
  • @metsgrrl where I’m from, this isn’t so hot. 🙂 And we _both_ remember seasons a Mets team this competitive filled a bigger bldg. in reply to metsgrrl #
  • More empty seats at Citi ; Mets 1, Reds 1, middle of the 4th (Phillips, solo HR) http://tweetphoto.com/31380852 #
  • July 7, 2nd place Mets hosting first place Reds ; check out all the empty seats at Citi http://tweetphoto.com/31378061 #
  • they also believe the Str8 Shot are as good as Cream. RT @FisolaNYDN: For whatever it’s worth, Knicks believe they are in the top 3. #
  • MSG stock up 6 1/2% Wednesday. Thursday’s headline : “SEC Investigating Jared Dudley” #
  • RT @ESPN_MobileNews: Ric Bucher is reporting Carlos Boozer has agreed to a five-year, $80 million deal with the Bulls #
  • Robinson Cano says “I’m not going out like Bobby Abreu” http://bit.ly/btjnuU #
  • @OGTedBerg, the only person on earth who can tolerate Death Wish’s schtick? http://bit.ly/9uCALE #
  • #GER 0, #ESP 1. and with that, I slip towards the bottom half of the CSTB pool. fuck. #worldcup #
  • James Lawton’s love letter to Wesley Sneijder http://bit.ly/cSXJr3 #worldcup #ned #
  • i guess I’m only person who read this and wondered when Greg Oden is signing his 5 year extension http://es.pn/b3c1j9 #
  • ok. i believe you. RT @JaredDudley619: sources tell me Lebron will announce he’s goin to the KNICKS tomorrow on ESPN.. This is serious. #
  • it’s official. Paul is the real Ronald Thomas Clonte RT @paulthenshirley: This am , I write about Tool’s place atop the musical rock pile #
  • Stuart Scott tabbed to host LeBronathon ; what, you were thinking Beano Cook? #
  • only positive thing i see coming from Bosh-to-Miami is CB4’s inevitable YouTube impersonations of Pat Riley #
  • good fucking grief RT @fangsbites: ESPN has titled the LeBron James infomercial on Thursday, “The Decision”. #
  • dude, Nyjer Morgan is 30 years old. You might as well wonder when John Hiatt is gonna have a breakout season. http://bit.ly/a4Y8pn #
  • @ebertchicago “Huck Finn” over Mortal Kombat, mos def. Tecmo Bowl vs. “Huck Finn”, however is too close to call. #
  • me too RT @alanhahn: Dying to hear what @CharlesOakley34 thinks of this LeBronapalooza idea on ESPN. #
  • Clippers hire Del Negro. Congrats or condolences for Vinny? http://es.pn/9iZIZZ #
  • Right now on “NFL Live” : “Purple Drank In Sports”. Seriously. #
  • give LeBron this much credit – he’s just raised the bar for megalomaniacal behavior. Hope you’re taking notes, Bryce Harper #
  • it really took police two months to figure out JaMarcus Russell was on codeine? Still faster than the Raiders, I suppose #
  • time for cable TV KILLSWITCH RT @miggiesmalls: Not sure if I’d rather have Sal Masekela or Sway hosting The LeBron Announcement. #
  • seriously, did ESPN have nothing scheduled in primetime Thurs? No StumpiThe Schwab reruns? Why doesn’t LeBron premept the Home Run Derby? #
  • only good thing about LeBron’s “SUCK MY DICK, AMERICA” ESPN TV special/signing announcement? 3 days of Buzz B. tweets just wrote themselves #
  • Strasburg says taking the Nats to the W.S. is more imp. than the ASG. How’s he feel about being cloned? http://bit.ly/bFrQWs #
  • Jerry Manuel tremendous respect for Johan aka kontempt for K-Rod pays off. CG shutout for Santana, Mets 3, Reds 0 #
  • Cohen suggests Pelf is dying to a HR because “he’s been listening to Maine talk about it for 3 years”. Surely not such a problem anymore? #
  • Johan Santana just hit his first big league HR after a 12 pitch AB. And the guy who threw it has a mohawk. historic stuff. Mets 1, Reds 0, #
  • against all odds, Hernandez correctly ID’d the B-52’s as the band behind “Rock Lobster”. What’s Keith’s fave Method Actors song? #
  • SNY’s Cohen wonders what’s he greater tragedy, heat stricken prod. dudes or faulty equip. Mex : “well, you can always find new camera crew” #

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