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  • Not to be outdone by the Yankees, Jay Horowitz just announced Annie Golden is banned from the Mets clubhouse #
  • RT @wallybackman86: To this day, I can’t eat strawberries. Reminds me of wasted talent. That & I usually got a mouth fulla chew. Fuck. #
  • TSA jobs for all! RT @benshpigel: Woman to TSA agent at newark airport: is taking off your shoes compulsory? Agent: No, it’s mandatory. #
  • FIish 2B Dan Uggla : “DON’T HONKY, I’M NOT HORNY . http://bit.ly/9LI6xv (link via @HHReynolds🙂 #
  • @SallyCrewe‘s gluten-free brownie recipe http://alturl.com/ggb2 #
  • hope you’re right. Otherwise, doubt they can offer enough run support. RT @GeekSoapBox The Mets bat will come. his name is Carlos Beltran. #
  • how about RF? Francoeur’s OPS of .747 ranks 118th in MLB. his OBP of .322. 129th. RT @Brooklynmutt play said bat where? #
  • worst MLB starter I’ve seen in ’10 (including Ollie) RT @dodgerthoughts: Haeger six scoreless IP for Albuquerque today . http://es.pn/aOPhaw #
  • love the Cliff Lee-to-Mets rumors, but Amazins need a bat just as badly http://bit.ly/d0s8kN #
  • RT @AdamRubinESPN: Mejia’s a starter … for B-Mets on Wednesday: http://es.pn/aj7Ebh #mets #
  • 1-2-3 9th for Rivera (duh). still, 7-2 on the road trip was pretty good for the previously travel-phobic @Mets #
  • believe it or not, @KBurkhardtSNY is considered a bigger threat to Yankee Stadium security than @LadyGaga RT @NYBD http://4e494.th8.us #
  • just discovered something AT&T has actually accomplished : they’ve making me sick of Nick Drake #
  • Michael Kay says Angel Pagan “idolizes” Carlos Beltran. Much like all other broadcasters worship Kay. #
  • RT @David_Williams: “Spanking has been part of their development” DMN Aikman Father’s Day hagiography. . http://bit.ly/biXCLU #
  • tempted to mock YES mouthpieces for gushing over John Mayer, but I’ve tweeted about Lady Gaga 5 or 6 times this month #
  • Masshole radio dopes say “happy father’s day, Bill Walton. Now STFU” http://bit.ly/b5CERS #
  • Dave Gionfrido on #NZL v #ITA : “a if tie is like kissing your sis, a tie with the kiwis is like kissing your brother” #heterocentrictweet #
  • happy father’s day to Shawn Kemp, Murry Wilson, Marv Marinovich and Michael Lohan. Keep your chins up, fellas (ok, a bit tougher for Murry) #
  • RT @iluvvideo: I re: Knight & Day trailers. Does anyone else think Tom Cruise is perfectly cast as Peter Faulk in a neo-In-Laws? #
  • please, fewer obscure musical refs, Rob. RT @tannenbaumr Putting Maine in the AL East is like booking Mumford & Sons for a Warped tour. #

  • Glad Bob Ley apologized. “go to fuck yourself”? that’s clumsy translation & crap grammer http://youtu.be/ZKc5U5ut-vM (video @TheBigLead) #
  • On Sunday, Mushnick claims after Dolan takeover in ’94, Knicks, Rangers have “rarely mattered”. So much for N8’s 3 slam dunk titles! #
  • best thing about #NZL #039;s shock draw ; the Dead C. will team w/ the Soweto Gospel Choir for a 2nd round video http://youtu.be/lbyYzyUPGs8 #
  • sycophantic Yankee fan/female vocalist banned from clubhouse says NYPost’s George King. Bad news – it’s not Waldman! http://bit.ly/biD2xw #
  • blame the vuvuzelas! Fish’s Ferdi fucks up batting order in loss to Tampa http://bit.ly/aHOWYl #
  • Telegraph on the France training ground spat http://bit.ly/c6Y3Zx #
  • i realize there’s no accounting for taste (ie. SBB), but you can’t introduce me to 1 person who thinks the GoDaddy ads are funny #
  • FFA says the France national team refused to train today ; that’s what you get for giving Anellka’s roster spot to Allen Iverson #
  • @pgammo, never as intelligent or handsome as when he’s echoing ME (just kidding. Sort of) http://bit.ly/9enDlT #
  • Now batting for Omaha, SS Irving Falu. Paging the Elias Koteas Sports Bureau — how many Irvings have played for K.C.? #
  • Omaha 5, Round Rock 4, top of the 8th. Alex Gordon, wasting away http://yfrog.com/6x3l8oj #

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