June 28 : Hell Is Other People(‘s Tweets)

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  • Strasburg thru 4 IP vs. ATL : 4 hits, 1 walk, 2 K’s. Hudson’s been as good/better, Sutcliffe horrible, sober or drunk #
  • Jason Bay will have more than 4 HR’s at the all star break. Unless it starts raining. Mets 1, Fish 1, top of the 1st #

    (Damon’s of West  Hartford. Where the UFL’s movers and shakers wind down after a long day of wishing they worked for the team tennis league)

  • looking for love in all the wrong places? RT @theUFL: UFL COO @UFLBillPeterson is at Damon’s in West Hartford, fans should go say hi! #
  • fish/mets in San Juan RT @lenno212: Based on the pregame music selections, I’m thinking “Who Let the Dogs Out” is coming up very soon. #
  • a dear musician friend was twit-dissed today by a rocket scientist who previously called #GHA “aids-ridden bug eaters”. the internet sucks #
  • True Hoop’s Henry Abbott ranks the NBA’s top owners. Guess which guy named Dolan didn’t make the top 10? http://es.pn/d5mzN5 #
  • early reaction to the much delayed vinyl version of the new Futureheads LP : fewer good songs w/ each successive album (this is #4 #
  • @BobsBlitz Time.com credits TBL diss to Dan Fletcher. Not so anonymous. in reply to BobsBlitz #
  • Chass : “The wife of a general manager once told him if he hired Valentine to manage the team, she would leave him” http://bit.ly/990ZrJ #
  • @TheBigLead can’t feel too bad about being named one of Time’s “Most Overrated Blogs”. Who reads Time in 2010? #
  • #BRA v #NED on Friday? Great day for me to have the dish installed after the match is over. #
  • Polanco might be out for the rest of the season. Heck of a way for Wright to make the ASG. #
  • could it be this one? http://bit.ly/9PZ7jM RT @mlbtraderumors: Mystery Team After Cliff Lee http://bit.ly/apNlRu #mlb #
  • Dierkes tries valiantly to find contracts as onerous as Zambrano’s for the Cubs. He doesn’t succeed. http://bit.ly/a1hu9Q #
  • Juan scores off a cross that could’ve found 4 unmarked Brazilians #BRA 1, #CHI 0, 34th minute #worldcup #
  • NO BORSCHT FOR KENYON RT @DLeagueShow: The new NBA game show “Let’s Make Cap Room!” Nets waive G Keyon Dooling; move saves team $3.3m #
  • rooting for #NED today. Will take Ivy Green and/or The Ex over #SVK #039;s Zona A #
  • RE http://bit.ly/brEE1h too often, “gritty image” is code for “this jackass is the same ethnicity as most of the guys who cover the team” #
  • there really is a summer event worse than a juggalo gathering http://bit.ly/9ajiwJ #
  • Arjen Robben makes van Marwijk look like a genius, 18th min goal, #NED 1, #SVK 0 #worldcup #
  • Alex :”IS EVERYONE LOOKING AT ME?” RT @wallacematthews: A-Rod on shaking hands wi/Torre: “I felt in my heart it was the right thing to do.” #
  • heard the one about the NBA team that tanked two seasons for nothing? RE http://bit.ly/a1aT4K #
  • Home plate ump Chris Guccione isn’t a popular guy in the Dodger dugout tonight. OTOH, he’s got a job interview w/ Sepp Blatter in the AM. #
  • Broxton’s folding is not nearly as shocking as the way Chavez Ravine sounds like Yankee Stadium. the Dodgers fans r in traffic, presumably #
  • how’s this for strange ; TMZ.com is blocked by Culvers’ Custard.net. Did someone famous once get busy in a Culver’s bathroom? #

2 responses to “June 28 : Hell Is Other People(‘s Tweets)”

  1. WeWanttheFunk says:

    Title of the year. Does this figure to be a daily fixture for ever? If so, I might consider learning how to read this mess.

  2. Probably. There’s more digest-y stuff coming too.

    The best trick to reading Twitter’s pile of word hash that I know of is to clobber yourself over the head a few times with a steel bar. That won’t directly help the reading much, but it does contextualize the problem nicely.

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