June 29 In Tweets: No Footage Of Mex’s Tour Of The Bacardi Factory?

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(Novak, eagerly awaiting an invitation to some sort of free agent summit, especially if it’s at some place fancier than Golden Corral)

  • For Gary Cohen : WE HEAR YOU LIKE THE POP MUSIC http://youtu.be/BsZ5a5UQvrs #
  • Uggla, 2-run HR, Marlins 6, Mets 3. Taka and Dickey’s pacts with satan have come undone #
  • Hanley Ramirez, grand salami off Taka, the 8th g.s. allowed by Mets pitching in 2010. Fish 4, Mets 3, last of the 4th #
  • SNY’s Gary Cohen claims the Marlins will name Edwin Rodriguez their full-time mgr. Avery Johnson wonders what’s up w/ Bobby V.’s interview? #
  • hey, look who’s gonna pitch a game in the minor leagues! http://bit.ly/cCfKfo #
  • @SI_jonheyman denounced as Boras’ puppet, w/ amazing sketch http://bit.ly/b8ZLqr #
  • cross flushing off list of possible Zambrano destinations RT @mlbtraderumors: Mets Sign Michael Barrett http://bit.ly/b3oW9W #mlb #
  • @wovenbones, when you back? RT @HoZacRecords a great Woven Bones clip from tthe Empty Bottle last Saturday, http://bit.ly/9IACfL #
  • because he isn’t crude /immature, Rosenthal opts not to call Seattle acquiring R. Branyan, “totally fucking retarded” http://bit.ly/cLmCkq #
  • let’s hope RT @djshort: What the hell is the point of these Derek Jeter/Rescue Me ads? Is he a serial arsonist this season or something? #
  • Stan VG wants to know if LBJ/Bosh/Wade to Miami is contingent on Riley returning to coaching. #
  • free agents the Knicks Might Actually Have A Chance of Signing : Steve Novak, Francisco Elson, Primoz Brezec. #fuckedbythesummit #
  • Mirror’s Simon Wright, arrested and charged w/ aiding #ENG fan’s locker room bumrush, abuse of Beckham http://bit.ly/cgvurJ #
  • #PAR defeats #JAP on penalties, 5-3 (0-0 AET). Cue up thousands of tweets complaining about PK’s deciding a match #enjoyingyr1stworldcup #
  • if Steve Carell is leaving the “The Office”, I propose the immediate return of Idris Elba…AS A ZOMBIE STRINGER BELL #
  • RT @scratchbomb: Placido Polanco still beating David Wright in All Star balloting. reason #23 497 why the All Star Game is fucking joke #
  • Women In Prison, The Grand, Airport Blvd. http://tweetphoto.com/29770621 #
  • oooof. Not everyone’s a talker! RT @wrestlespective: I see Dean Malenko is just as good of a promo as he was 10 years ago. #
  • of course, when if comes to personality disintegration as performance art, Wally Backman is less cliched than C. Love. #
  • if Malitz’ review isn’t totally out to lunch, the Widow Cobain just leapfrogged Mark E. Smith. Not artistically, mind you. #
  • never thought I ‘d say this in a million years, but this sounds like a Courtney Love show I’d have liked to see http://bit.ly/ax53zZ #
  • didn’t Cole provide backing vox on “Psycho-Head Blowout”? RT @drkmtch: “‘Hellbilly Deluxe 2,’ what an album!” -Michael Cole #
  • this is why Phil Roth doesn’t tweet. Competition’s fierce. RT @rommelmets: FUCK YOU MARLINS SHITTY PIECE OF SHIT TEAM! DIE IN A FUCKIN FIRE! #
  • RT @CoreySeidman: Do Braves fans understand how obscenely racist the chop & chant is? It’s like if Phillies fans burned yarmulkes #

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