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His name is Charles Barkley McLovin and he is my new dog. He is a Boston/Beagle. He is not too big because i cant have a big dog while im renting my house. He is very quiet, hasnt even barked since i had him so far. He does of course pee in the house, making me mad. I know it takes time to train a dog, but don’t you wish that a dog can just be born knowing to go to the restroom outside and to eat his food out of the dish?

Greg Oden, via his Yardbarker blog (link swiped from Slam).  I think we can safely say that despite being laid up, Greg totally kicks David Wright’s ass at this blogging business.

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  1. Mark Swiderski says:

    If you didn’t know that was written by a 7′ #1 overall NBA draft pick, you’d probably assume that it was the product of a Livejournal cat blogger who spends her free time playing online Scrabble on Yahoo! Games.

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