Kawakami : Ellis’ Impressive Stats Stem From Warriors’ Suck City Residency

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Monta Ellis scored 36 points Monday evening in the Warriors’ 114-97 defeat of Da Bulls, the 6th time in his previous 8 contests the Golden State shooting guard had topped 30 or more.  Rather than tout Monta’s candidacy for the Western Conference All-Star team, the San Jose Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami says of Ellis and teammate in artificially-enhanced PPG Corey Maggette, “who else is going to shoot?”

With the current roster situation, Ellis and Maggette can™t yanked off the floor for low-effort defense. I know, that™s a theoretical, since Don Nelson never pays attention to defense, anyway¦

The Top Two can™t get de-emphasized if they commit a rash of turnovers. They™re out there for however long they can stand up straight or stay out of foul trouble.

If Ellis had better teammates and was on a winning team, he™d properly have to defer more, take fewer shots, and possibly score a LOT less. A winning team wouldn™t ˜want him taking all those shots and if he took all those shots the team wouldn™t win as much.

You think he™s actually the sixth-best scorer in the NBA? Or is he about the 12th-best scorer who happens to be getting the first-most opportunities to try to score, resulting in the sixth-highest scoring average?

2 responses to “Kawakami : Ellis’ Impressive Stats Stem From Warriors’ Suck City Residency”

  1. Bez says:

    The Warriors lost to the Nuggets last night, they played the Bulls on Monday. In your defense, if you had better teammates you wouldn’t have to post so much.

  2. GC says:

    An early frontrunner for Comment Of 2010. Hey, if i want better teammates (or at least more prolific teammates), I’m gonna have to start sharing all that Yardbarker money.

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