KC Fan To Owner David Glass : Just Fuck Off, Already

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“We are gluttons for punishment for allowing this man to hoodwink us after giving him a quarter of a billion dollars to renovate Kauffman Stadium so he can make additional millions. And we get nothing but bad baseball in return.”

(image culled from Bottomline.com)

It’s pretty tempting to buy a similar ad in a New York paper encouraging Fred & Jeff Wilpon to end their serial neglect of the town’s other (alleged) MLB franchise. Until I remember that a) they’ll pay no mind, and b) placing such an ad would only serve to enrich Rupert Murdoch, Mortimer Zuckerman or James Dolan. Some choice.

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  1. brstevens says:

    Replace “Glass” with “Angelos,” “Kansas City” with “Baltimore,” and “Royals” with “Orioles” and I’d swear I’ve been reading similar open letters online and in print for years now.

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