Kevin Pietersen : 4 Real

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The Independent’s Stephen Berkely on an atypical outbreak of (planned) self-mutilation in the world of cricket as England follow their recent test series victory in South Africa with 7 one day internationals.

Kevin Pietersen asserted his affinity with England yesterday by announcing his intention to have a tattoo of the three lions motif etched on his left arm. Whether construed as horribly tacky or touchingly patriotic, it would be as well if he avoids visiting the engraver before entering the Wanderers tomorrow in front of an infamously partisan and vociferous crowd.

Spectators at the Johannesburg arena consider it their bounden duty to terrify the opposition – usually with words to wither the staunchest individual but sometimes with more physical forms of abuse – and the sight of a batsman who was born and raised in Durban striding out to represent the English is already designed to provoke them into previously unheard torrents of invective.

Pietersen appears to have borrowed his particularly distinctive version of an oath of allegiance from Darren Gough, the England fast bowler, who has a similar inscription. “I think there’s a strong probability of having it done on the day we leave but not before then because I believe it forms a scab,” said Pietersen yesterday.

“The three lions with my cap number 185 underneath. That’s not a Christmas present, that’s for life. If anybody comes up to me and tells me I’m not English…”

25 responses to “Kevin Pietersen : 4 Real”

  1. Will says:

    If you’re interested, I’ve written an article on Pietersen at my blog here

  2. peter nyathi says:

    Kevin pietersen is and always will be an afrikaner. No matter how big his 3 lions tattoo is, his disgusting attempts at hiding his accent, he remains a mercenary playing for england. traitor!

  3. Trix Turner says:

    Pietersen is far from a traitor. He is a realist that refuses to become a victim of racial games. Just think of the long list of white cricket and rugby players that have been pushed aside in favour of mediocre players. Good on you, Kevin.

  4. Kevin says:

    I can not stand all this bitterness towards Kevin Pietersen. As an Englishman i am so excited by his talent.KP decided to leave SA for England so respect his decision and live with it!

  5. Shaun says:

    Kevin Pietersen is not an Afrikaner. His mother was born in England and his father is directly Dutch.

  6. Sean Huse says:

    LEAVE KP ALONE. its ur fault to why he left SA, so just shutup…? hes ours now!

  7. Bridie says:

    Pietersen is an awesome player, whether he’s English.. South African.. French.. Dutch.. Hell he can be Spanish for all I care! The boy is TALENTED, and none of you will take that from him. Keep up the good work Kev, and know that both countries are behind you despite what some bitter fans might say. <3

  8. Natalie says:

    KP is such a talented player, he’s not the only player to play or have played for england that was born in another country so why does everyone have such negative things said about him? It’s south africas loss and englands gain and im guessing most people who are trashing him are south africans, well what I have to say to you is get over it your probably just bitter because hes a good player, better than some of the current south african players and hes playing for england, well im glad hes playing for england and I hope he has a great cricketing career.

  9. Robert Mills says:

    KP and his parents are south african , from Pietermaritzburg educated at Maritzburg College!! His mother and father are SOUTH AFRICAN!! Ask them if they will ever leave Maritzburg??????

  10. Aimee says:

    By the way his mum is english and his dad is south African or the other way round, and does it really matter because he chose to play for England and that was his decision and you are not going to change it. So come on KP do your worst and show all those people who are slating you what you are made of!!!!!

  11. Ansar says:

    you know what? fair enough he decided to play county cricket in England, but to turn your back on your country where you were born and grew up? thats ridiculous..he’s a traitor, im not black but i consider myself an Afrikaner cos i was born and bought up in east africa. KP is nothing but a traitor after money rather than be proud of his South African heritage…

  12. Caroline says:

    What is the big deal here? Due to his mother being English and Father Dutch South African he qualified to play for both countries. SA did not want him, England did! Nuff said. He has ambition and guts and should be lauded and not have so many derogaory comments thrown at him. Should he have to remain in a country that did not rate him with the result that he would have enjoyed nothing but a second class career with a second class income? Surely we should all strive for more? SA has been doing that as a country for many years now – Kapes should be allowed to do the same.

    Go KP!!!!!


  13. Lauren says:

    Listen. it was KP’s decision to leave SA because he wanted more than what SA were willing to give him. People shouldn’t be saying that he has no honour in his country. What about Andrew Symonds? He plays for Australia, but was born in England. Or what about Andrew Strauss? People are always wanting more out of life if it’s there, and for Kevin it was. So I sugest that all the Afrikaners that are having a big b**** coz KP left to play for another country and everyone likes him playing for England should go and start B****ing to the guys who didn’t want Pietersen to play for SA!
    KP keep playin’ coz u rok my world!!!

  14. monique says:

    Hey everyone listen im from SA and i totally respect KP for his decision, he was offered alot more in England and why not take that oppertunity if you get it? i think he is a fantastic player and that he should be proud of England, and to everyone uot there thats giving him so much critisism i honestly think you guys should consider what hes doing hes only making a good living for himself. He is absolutely NOT a traitor and I love him to bits.
    Keep doing your best KP i love you.

  15. monique says:

    Leave KP alone and stop with all the crits already i love him and im south african he ROCKS!!!

  16. monique says:

    OK! first of all Im soth african and KP is NOT a traitor hes playing for england coz SA DID NOT want him so thats our loss not his he deserves to play for england and i think hes a fantastic cricket player so stop with all the bull that hes a traitor cos hes NOT i love him to bits
    Keep doing ur best Kevin, u ROCK and i love u.


  17. agz says:

    i no dis seems really un serious and dusn’t rlly fit in wiv wat u lot r sayin but dont ya fink kevin pietersen is wel fit ooooooff phwoar ringa linga ding y do ya fink i follow da cricket hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. monique says:

    i dont know wat da hell yr sayin ags.pleez refrase so i can understand!!!!!

  19. soph says:

    i love kevin.
    who cares where he’s from.

  20. angel says:

    kp is a man born with a talent, dont care were he is from, lets all encourige him, kp, please dont do the celeb thing, you are better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. angel says:

    be a nice man please, you dont need models or popstars, us ordinary girls are just as good, us ordinary girls will keep you safe and safely on the ground like andrews lovely wife!

  22. kym says:

    Face it, the South Africa he’s meant to honour couldn’t see his giant talent and huge potential, England could. simple. His country should have had faith in him. They didn’t, England did. Their loss, Englands gain. He knows what he’s doing, and I love and respect him for it.

    P.S Shoiab Ahktar sucks and should permanently disqualified for unsportsmaship!

  23. luke says:

    KP is an amazing talent and SA are the ones sucking on lemons now(pure bitterness). England had faith and respect for kp and he has showed that back to us english peeps, he even got a tattoo of 3lions on his arm now that takes some balls to do that!!! COME ON ENGLAND!!!

  24. secret admirer says:

    hey kapes
    seriously, i don’t give a shit about what y’all got 2 say
    all i got 2 say is
    u r a sexy man
    and a great player
    2 bad i am here in the west
    and u don’t come here at allllll!!!!!!!!!
    wish u would though

  25. JO says:

    KP’s decision to leave SA and play for England is his own decision and the fact that he has pulled it off successfully is credit to him.
    However, what really boils my blood is when he goes out of his way to bad mouth the whole of SA in the media and gets really childish and snotty about it. The fact is that at the time he was not good enough to break through to SA’s top level of cricket. He did not automatically make it into the England side when he emmigrated, it took him a quite a while. If he had stayed and developed in SA during those years then he would be playing for SA right now. But his ego was just too big and he has to resort to childish derogatory statements and racial slurs about SA to hide his true feelings about leaving.
    So England can have him and his bad attitude and ego, he fits right in , doesn’t he!!!