Kris Humphries : Certain To Dispel Notions He’s A Mere Reality TV Star (With His Next Reality TV Gig)

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Following the disastrous performance that followed the Marlins’ appearance on Showtime’s “The Franchise” and the Dolphins’ ill-advised decision to participate in HBO’s “Hard Knocks” comes confirmation NBA TV will feature the Brooklyn Nets on the 2012 edition of “The Association”.  Flashing the sort of analytical prowess not seen since a young Jackie Harvey brought his skills to The Onion,  From Russia With Dunk’s Johan Mars is overcome with excitement.

This show will give us an inside look at the players and coaches, and we will probably get a chance to see some funny moments in the locker room. I am most excited to see coach Avery Johnson’s pump-up speeches and Deron Williams’s leadership abilities. I also want to see some of the more comical aspects of the show. Brook Lopez is a prankster and we may see some of his jokes. He seems perfect for this show. Kris Humphries is a famous person in the media because of his relationship with Kim Kardashian, and this will be his chance to prove to everyone that he is not just some reality star. Marshon Brooks and Tyshawn Taylor are young guys who probably have never even dreamed of being on a show like this. I will be interested to see how they act around the cameras.

Hey, if you ask Jerry Sloan, it doesn’t get much more comical than Deron Williams’ “leadership abilities”.

2 responses to “Kris Humphries : Certain To Dispel Notions He’s A Mere Reality TV Star (With His Next Reality TV Gig)”

  1. Ted says:

    There’s much more to Kris Humphries than being a tv “reality star”- he also throws a ball through a hoop for a living.

  2. GC says:

    I think we’ll need to see him on a reality show to confirm that.

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