Ladell Betts’ New Fan Club

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Jack of The Peta Files levels the boom on Southeast Jerome.

I’m no football expert, and this isn’t exactly a sports blog, but I thought I’d start off the day with three great reasons why Ladell Betts should start instead of Clinton Portis as the Washington Redskins Running Back this year:

  1. Ladell Betts doesn’t have a chronic shoulder injury.
  2. Ladell Betts knows how to follow his blockers.
  3. Ladell Betts doesn’t frickin’ come out on national television and defend animal abuse.

One response to “Ladell Betts’ New Fan Club”

  1. josh miller says:

    I was trying to get the fan mail address to Mr. Ladell Betts of that is possible? I sure hope so I’m a huge fan of Mr. Betts.

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